We Tell You Something About Moose Jaw! We Want You To Shuffle In Moose Jaw in July of 2017

Moose Jaw 1To Begin, Click Here: https://theshuffler.net/2015/07/26/the-5th-cnsa-ip-will-be-held-in-moose-jaw-sk-in-2017-begin-thinking-about-participating/

Moose Jaw 2 Little ChicagoMOOSE JAW SASKATCHEWAN!! AL CAPONE MAY HAVE VACATED THOSE TUNNELS!! BUT SHUFFLING AND SHUFFLERS THRIVE!! City Hall on left.  Moose Jaw has a nick name > it is “Little Chicago”!!  (Click on any pic to expand.)

I know it is a long time until the 5th CNSA Inter-provincial Tournament begins. It kicks off on Monday, July 10th and will run until Friday, July 14th, 2017. I will provide several updates between now and July 14th, 2017, but I thought it may be helpful to tell you just a bit about our Host City, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. The official announcement with regard to the 5th IP will follow.

Moose Jaw 3 CPR TRAINMoose Jaw was established as a city in 1903, but 21 years before that, the first CPR Train rolled into town.  Sod huts and shanties greeted those disembarking the train in 1882~~today the modern city of Moose Jaw welcomes all.

Moose Jaw Old tower15 Wing Moose Jaw is the home of the NATO Flying Training in Canada program (NFTC) This southern Saskatchewan city is also home to the Canadian Forces Snowbirds, Canada’s celebrated air demonstration team. Established as a Royal Air Force aerodrome, it graduated more than 1200 pilots for the Air Forces of Canada, Great Britain and New Zealand during the Second World War; five of whom received the Distinguished Flying Cross for their actions..

In 1951 the mounting pressures of the Cold War resulted in the Wing being reopened to train pilots for Canada and its North Atlantic Treaty Organization allies utilizing both single-prop Harvard and Silver Star jet training aircraft. By the mid-1960’s these were replaced by the Canadian built Canadair CT-114 Tutor jet trainer which would rule the skies over Saskatchewan for the next forty years.

Stann in 50s.As an aside, as a young 15 year old, I worked constructing the new chapels built during this period. I had taken the traditional Harvest Trek Westward from ON, resided in Moose Jaw with a relative and worked for about 1 month on the Air Base. 

The Saskatchewan Air Show held at the Air Base in Moose Jaw is one of the best anywhere.  Moose Jaw is the Home Base for this elite performing group, not just the pilots and support crew, but of course the families thereof.

Another tourist highlight of Moose Jaw is “The Tunnels of Moose Jaw”~~believed to have been home to Al Capone for a period. Be sure and check out the Chicago Connection when you are in Moose Jaw!!

But of course the real highlight, the one we are following, is the Annual Tournament of the Saskatchewan Shuffleboard Association.  Historically, in excess of 150 Shufflers compete in this event, an event which begins on Monday July 17th, 2017 and runs through Thursday, July 20th. This Annual Event will follow the 5th IP Tournament and is open to all.  Moose Jaw is the only location in Saskatchewan with enough courts to accommodate such an event. Traditionally the SK Annual Tournament has been held in 3 locations: The Timothy Eaton Gardens Center, 12 Courts; Cosmos Center, 6 Courts; both on tile floors; and finally St. Andrews with 6 Courts on the concrete basement floor.  HOWEVER; in 2017 the event will be held in the Moose Jaw Exhibition Center.

The Annual event is a SINGLES TOURNAMENT with 4 EVENTS and 4 “Top Winners” in each event.  As with every major shuffleboard tournament anywhere, volunteers make this possible~~THE SHUFFLER salutes them!!

A personal note by Stan; entered on 2016 01 21.  My Family, the McCormack Family left ON during the first decade of the 20th Century, (My Dad was born in 1900) and moved to Moose Jaw when the family moved.  My Dad left Moose Jaw during “The Dirty Thirties” and rode the rails to ON where, you guessed it, he met my Mother to be.  Lois and I have visited Moose Jaw, have attended the referenced Air Show; have visited the “Tunnels” >> but have yet to participate in the SHUFFLEBOARD EVENT!!  Must place on our “Bucket List”!!

PeterGzowski-CBCpromoOne final item: If you were a fan of Peter Gzowski, as I was, “Peter returned to Moose Jaw, to host his last episode of Morningside from the Temple Gardens Mineral Spa Resort.[

Stan 2016 01 25. START MAKING YOUR PLANS!!  One great possibility would be to take the Train!! More about that possibility later.


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