CDP 14B FSA Central District Tournament Hosted by Betmar. 2016 01 30

Larry Metzgar and Frank

Wow what a Tournament! Frank Glick on the left; Larry Metzgar on the right. 

Larry Metzgar won the last point he needed to qualify for the Central District Hall of Fame and joins Zephyrhills long list of Super Stars.  Any sport is only as successful as its Stars* and media coverage generated by the excitement they create.  Larry pulled out all the stops by partnering with Frank Glick, one of our fine amateurs and a player Larry has had great success with in the past.

The Pro/Am had 62 teams and when is the last time you remember 60 spectators watching a semifinal match at 4:15 on a Friday afternoon; the tournament finished on Saturday morning.  This may not seem like a big deal to you until you realize that it was a split tournament.  That’s right the Central District is so large that we split tournaments.  As if that Tournament isn’t large enough this coming Monday we will have 100 teams show up for the State Tournament.  Shuffleboard is alive and well in Zephyrhills! Betmar has 50 new players this season that are members of the Club for the first time and the story is similar throughout Zephyrhills.  *To see the “Super Stars referenced by Earl, click: 

Article sent along by Earl Ball of Betmar!!  Thank You Earl!!  2016 01 30.

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1 Response to CDP 14B FSA Central District Tournament Hosted by Betmar. 2016 01 30

  1. Glenna Earle says:

    Congratulations Larrry and a big “hats off” to Frank for his determination and assistance for Larry. You both did a great job. Wear your red jacket with pride, Larry!


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