Sandi Quinn Successfully Completes Her Term as USA NSA President!!

Day 2_077 Sandi Opening (2)

Pic above is Sandi Quinn, USA NSA President, speaking at the Opening of the 34th ISA in Clearwater, FL in October of 2015.   Sandi shuffles in Texas during the winter and North Carolina part of the summer.  To follow are Sandi’s remarks as she leaves office after two successful years.

To my dear fellow shufflers nation wide & world wide, I thank you so much for your support the last two years during my term as USA NSA President. It was a wonderful, enjoyable experience and you all made it that way. I had a great, supportive Board, along with my right hand, Lynda, and each one I appreciate so, so much. God Bless You All, God Bless the New Board and God Bless Shuffleboard! Sandi. 

Sandi was a significant contributor to The Shuffler over the years, most recently sending the results from Hendersonville.  I thought I would give you a fine example of an earlier submission: Sandi’s General Article on Hend. NC 2004  and now her remarks on the occasion of her taking office, her Inaugural  Address:  Sandi Quinn’s Inaugural Address 2014.

Stan McCormack.  2016 01 30.

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1 Response to Sandi Quinn Successfully Completes Her Term as USA NSA President!!

  1. Michael Robert Zellnet says:

    Truly an honor to work with her these past two years. Professional, fair and a darn good shuffler as well. You will be missed on the international scene.


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