McCormacks and Sauerwines are Honoured in Lakeland, FL 2016 02 13.

McCormacks ; Sauerwines LeaveJerry Deren was the MC this morning (2016 02 13) at Lakeland Shuffleboard Club for a special presentation to Four Club Members who are leaving the Club indefinitely.     

IMG_2696 Jerry DerenJerry Speaks:  Hello & good morning everyone:     We are here today, to not only shuffle in the 2016 Lakeland Shuffleboard club doubles tournament, but also to demonstrate our appreciation to our friends Paul & Marion Sauerwine and Stan & Lois McCormack.

   Paul Sauerwine has been the President of the Lakeland Shuffleboard club for five + years.  He and Marion worked tirelessly to make our    shuffleboard club one of the best in FL.  Paul was instrumental in helping maintain the courts and discs; conversing with the city of Lakeland on issues concerning our courts; organizing and getting the membership book printed; making coffee @ the REINEY & potluck events; cleaning the restrooms & making sure there was paper hand towels & toilet paper, getting food for the REINEY & other events. This was all done with Marion’s significant advice and assistance.  Neither seemed ever to tire, neither seemed ever to slow down!!  They were a Great Team; a Team that earned the respect of every member. 
   Stan & Lois McCormack are the “GREATEST”  promotors and ambassadors of world wide shuffle board you’ll ever meet.  Stan & Lois have traveled the world playing & promoting shuffleboard.  They have shuffled in Brazil; Germany; Australia;  Ireland; Russia; and of course the USA and Canada.  Both Stan and Lois were part of the contingent that demonstrated shuffleboard at TAFISA (The Association of International Sport for All) in Lithuania. 
Stan was President of Avon Park, FL shuffleboard Club for 3  years.  During this time, Lois, like most Club President’s wives, was the significant other in this successful team event.  The McCormacks had performed a very similar role in the Blackstock, ON Shuffleboard Club where they captained the ship for 3 years.  Stan served as CNSA President from 2008 to 2010 and is a member of the CNSA HOF.       
He was inducted into the FSA HOF IN January of 2016, Special Award; and last but certainly not least, both Stan and Lois have been inducted into the International Shuffleboard Assn. Hall of Fame.  Stan’s nomination to the USA NSA HOF has been approved and Lois and Stan will travel to Lakeside OH for the induction in July of this year. 
   “Please” let us give these two couples a “Great” round of
   applause & wish them well in their future travels.  
Jerry Deren, 2016 02 13.   Now some pix of others present. 
IMG_0167 IMG_0184IMG_0186IMG_0188  
IMG_0185 IMG_0189
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10 Responses to McCormacks and Sauerwines are Honoured in Lakeland, FL 2016 02 13.

  1. Linda Bob Read says:

    Best to you all. Life is full of adventure and change. You are an example for all to follow. The stage of life is always changing ,. This for us is a day to enjoy and remember. Bob Linda Read


  2. Glenna & David Earle says:

    We wish all 4 of you adventurous people the very best in the next chapter of your lives. We will definitely miss seeing all of you on a regular basis. It is as if part of our family is branching off to follow another highway of life.
    Best wishes, Stan & Lois, Marion & Paul, bless you and please stay in touch.
    Sincerely, Glenna & David Earle


  3. Bill B says:

    Congratulation All! Stan and Lois, whom I first met when I started shuffling in Canada, I have known to be a unique and very important team in guiding, managing and promoting Shuffleboard in Canada, at all levels – local, provincial and national. I’m glad to see honors bestowed by what seems to be (part of, at least) their shuffleboard family. Very well deserved!


  4. Helen Biaggi says:

    As you embark upon a new path, we wish you many moments of happiness, success and achievements. Best wishes to you all..Steve and Helen Biaggi.


  5. Vern Curtis says:

    Thank you Stan and Lois for your friendship and all you’ve done to promote shuffleboard. Wishing you well and the best. Vern and Shirley Curtis


  6. Earl Ball says:

    I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to know, be friends with, work with and play with the four of you. somewhere we will cross paths again. Good luck; don’t feel bad about changing your mind and coming back. We all need something we want to do and that we do well. All of you have done well in your part of making shuffleboard better. I’ll miss you but I won’t say good bye because I want you back.


  7. Edith Weigert says:

    Very nice Jerry.
    Edith W.


  8. Jim and Ellie Crowell says:

    These two couples have given so much and will be greatly missed.
    Jim and Ellie Crowell


  9. debsturat says:



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