Be It FL, CA, TX or AZ IT IS THAT TIME OF YEAR!! “Pressure Time”!!

18-earl-ball (2)PRESSURE, YES IT’S THAT TIME OF YEAR! by Earl Ball. 

Now is the time of year the pressure begins to show on all the players that are trying to do something special.  Every District has players trying to make the “Masters” in the last few tournaments.  Watch them, you’ll see missed shots that would be made most of the time; in the end some will realize their dreams and some will miss out by so very little.  Look at the Florida Shuffleboard Association “Roll of Champions”.  The top 8 make the “Masters” and have a chance to be awarded the “White Jacket”, the badge of the finest players in the land.  One or two of the top 8 won’t play for any number of reasons which mean those that are 9th or 10th or maybe even 11th might have a chance to play the “Masters”.  The battle is on, watch closely!

Even the modern day Men’s point record is in jeopardy.  The record for a 26 tournament schedule is 79 when you consider that 84 is the record for the former 28 tournament schedule when two tournaments were played on Thursday.  Thursday has since been ruled District day.  The record holder at 84 won one of the Thursday tournaments.  So 80 would be the record.  Take a look at the standings; maybe you can make it to a tournament that has great significance to the record books.

Earl Ball  2016 02 24.

Click here for the FSA Schedule:  Go here to see the Roll of Champions for 2014 2015.   Go here to check the current status for 2015-2016, : MEN:  WOMEN:

I will also be covering ASA State League Team Championship as well as the first ASA State Mixed Doubles Championship Tournament, courtesy of John Houser. Watch for it!!!

Stan  2016 02 24.


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