Chili Days Shuffleboard Tournament 2016. Sent along by Bob Weber

Chili Days Shuffleboard Tournament 2016.


2016 winners chili days

Forty seniors enjoyed a day of exercise, sociability and fun at the annual Chili Days Shuffleboard Tournament at the Almonte Arena on Tuesday, February 23 . This is the remaining event from the former Chili Days winter festival with the teams competing for a trophy that has winners on the plaques going back to 1989. Everyone was relieved that it had been postponed from the previous week when there was the big snow storm.

The arena staff were most helpful setting up the equipment with the morning coffee and Timbits provided by Mississippi Mills. Denis from Leatherworks Catering provided a fabulous lunch at noon which gave everyone a chance to re-energize for the rest of the ten games.

Team members were chosen at random, each playing four games. Volunteers took turns at refereeing and score keeping so the day went smoothly. At the end 2 teams won all four of their games and where other teams had tied with 3 wins, their total score determined the winner in each of the four pools.

The four teams played off and the winners provided great entertainment in the final game. Jean Smith and Gwen Giles won the trophy with Richard Fitzgibbon and Norma McNabb providing good opposition.

Richard & Lorna 2016 Shuffleboard second

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