AZ District IV League Champions and playing for the State Championship is the Eagles Team out of Lost Dutchman Park , Apache Junction.

District IV League Champions

From Left to Right: Brian Scott, Helen Scott, Vern Zillyett, Dee Zillyett, George Muzetras (co captain), Sharon Muzetras (co captain) , Bob Carney, Joyce Shobe, Cliff Ernst, John Louis.

The Eagles, pictured above, District IV Champions, for 2016 ASA will compete in the State Doubles Championships, in District lll in Sunny Yuma.  Both Tournaments, Championship and Consolation,  will be held at the Cocopah RV & Golf Club, 6800 Strand Avenue, Yuma, AZ 85364, phone number 928-343-9300.  The resort is beautiful and the courts were recently ground to a diamond finish and there is no team entered that routinely play these courts.  The amenities for shade, water, coffee, bathrooms and lunches will be outstanding, however; the road to the park is through an older safe section along the cabbage fields. Please covet the directions you receive and allow yourself a few more minutes to arrive. I will mention some closer hotels and some eating considerations later.   We are expecting hot weather so bring your supporting cooling towels, umbrellas and whatever you use on any hot Arizona day. Los Algodones, Mexico is almost next to our courts so bring your passports and stay and play after the tournament.

League Team Championships will begin on Monday, March 7th, Opening Ceremonies commence at 12:15, address above, in red. 

Thanks to John Houser,  for sending this info.  More to follow!!   Stan McCormack.  2016 02 26.



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