We Report on Hemet CA; We Update on the Fun Night at Winter Haven, FL

HEMET CA – Forty-two players competed in District 7’s annual rookie shuffleboard tournament Feb. 20-21 at Sierra Dawn South East’s courts.

By Dean Grattidge District 7 Reporter

From Feb. 20th to 21st, 2016, over a hundred people swarmed through the doors of District 7’s SDSE to witness and encourage some 42 entries in the Rookie Tournament. I have never seen such a level of support and enthusiasm for this event.

Indeed, the players brought with them an amazing amount of skills and effort! A total of eleven clubs submitted entries in this competition, with Foothills of Hemet, a new club, sending nine shufflers.

Those in charge of orchestrating this event were Lynda Goggin, ATM, and Helen Noeltner, SDSE club president/assistant ATM. Lynda and Helen created the charts for the players, as they vied for top honors. The games were all 12 frames.

Head ref was George Hayner and head scorekeeper was Karla Winget A board crew of Joe Jackson, Charles Morley and Guy Neal kept the  playing surfaces nicely maintained and ready to play some six sets of games in those two days.

Winners were rewarded with unique pins for their successes.

So, into the record books go these Rookie winners:

By putting his well-defined skills on the line for six straight wins, George Baslak from Foothills of  Hemet prevailed as Number One  in the Championship round. In second place was David O’Gwynn from Villa Del Monte, third place, Jackie O’Gwynn from Villa Del Monte, and fourth place, Cheryl Newberry from Hemet Muni

Congratulations to all winners and everyone who contributed to the success of this event.  TAKEN FROM THE CA WEBSITE. Alerted by Bob Weber.


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