2016 CAN-AM Tournament (St Petersburg) Results!! 2016 02 28.

CAN AM Richard Clifton and Harry Margolis FinalsWell the Can Am tournament is over, and everybody who participated is declared a winner!!!!  However; to be more truthful, Canadian Harry Margolis defeated American Richard Clifton in today’s finals so we must give credit to the true winners of this event!.  Harry is on the right; Richard on the left. 

Can Am American  8 Finalists Can Am Canadian 8 Finalists 2016

What a magical weekend it was in St Pete.  78 players participated, including Jonathan Schnapp from The Royal Palms, and Michael Zellner, ISA President.  29 players from the growing St Pete Shuffleboard Club participated, many of those playing in their first tournament ever… and of those 3 made it into the final 8 on the Americans side of the event.  Thanh Seybold, and Christine Page came in second and fourth in consolation respectively, and Josh Dulabaum placed 3rd in the main!!! 8 Americans on the left, gentleman in red in pic;  8 Canadians on the right.  

While the Canadians may have been outnumbered in terms of players, they were surely not outdone for fun, spirit and friendliness.  It was evident that many of the Canadian players not only played good shuffleboard, but they knew how to enjoy a good party as well! 

Can Am 2016 Plaques and PinsA huge shout out to Mary Eldridge who worked tirelessly as the tournament director.  And as always, to Christine Page who just does it all in St Pete.  Final Kudo’s to volunteers Erick Hahmann (past winner of this event 2 years in a row who took the weekend off to volunteer) and Don Breau.  Like all successful events its folks like these that make these events so successful.

AND, a Huge Shout Out to Jim Allen who worked on the organizational aspect of this event!!!  It is Jim who sent along the results, above. 

Stan McCormack, 2016 02 28 20:40

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