The GSA Tournament Results. Congrats to All Participants!!

German Trophy winners 2016G 2 repeat

Although the translation is not PERFECT, it gives one the idea!!!  Stan 2016 03 14.

The Home advantage when same old cup seems particularly in this year to have worked. In both the semi finals as well as in the game to place three were the only players, the same older courts to the weekly training benefits.
Thus remains the same old cup actually also in the same older hands, namely those of Dieter Hussmann which, in the final match on yesterday’s Saturday the private family duel against wife Birgitt could win. Third place went to the freigerichter Bernd Uhl, for the first time against the semi finals of an official GSA-tournament vorgestossenen Dominik Hirning retained the upper hand.
With Hubert Fluck on rank five and Stefan City Müller on rank eight were able to two players from limburg bonus points for the German rankings.
These points are for the first eight places in official GSA-rankings tournaments distributed. Place six and seven went with jürgen “Jogi” Engler and Andrea Büchner-Ott also to the training to the community from long island’s bold.
A total of 32 participants at the age of 11 to 77 years had to deal with the GSA-Northern Regional League, come to the first winner of the year 2016.
First in eight groups were the two groups best played before about eighth -, Quarter-and semi-finals the endspielpaarung was complete.
Since the power density in shuffleboard in recent years, has always remained, this time also surprises and favorites falls not from. Exciting matches, some of which even in the extension, had to go there was, as usual, abound, actually.
In spite of the sporting competition came the friendly relationship on and off the courts but not too short.
So at the end of the fourth edition of the same old cups the smiling faces of the winner and the friendly applause of placed particularly in memory.
A lot of time to rest remains the shuffler some not, because even in less than 2 months will take place in Norwich the first international match between the new English association UKSA and the GSA  as a German Representative. THE GSA would certainly reconstruction for European friends, however, that without the pretty clean with the previously against other nations, caps.

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