crowd banquet 2016Shuffleboard in Woodbrook Estates in Lakeland FL is not just “Park Shuffleboard”!  Although they have competitive “Intra Park” activity on their 12 Courts each Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, a significant number of players compete in “Inter Park” shuffling which takes place on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Woodbrook Estates has a long tradition of Shuffleboard, a tradition which has produced Shufflers who have contributed significantly on the Florida and on the International scene.  I am now going to insert 2 pdf files, both about Bill Clever, member of the FSA HOF and one of the primary Fathers of Shuffleboard on the Internet. The 2nd pdf file is the induction of Bill as a Lifetime Member of Woodbrook Estates by then President Wilma McLung.  IN MEMORIAM BILL CLEVER LEAVES US.  Here is the 2nd Woodbrook pdf re Bill: WOODBROOK ESTATES HONORS BILL CLEVER

ALSO residents of Woodbrook Estates were Ed and Donna Johnston, both were granted Lifetime Membership Awards by the Woodbrook Shuffleboard Club.  To understand why, click:  DJ Donna Johnston on the occasion of achieving the Perfect Record at the ISA Ed was inducted into the FSA HOF in 2003.  You will understand why when you click on the link.

The Banquet is always well attended; no doubt because the Organizing Committee ensures a fine balance among “good food”; “shuffler recognition”; and a “great time”, thus ensuring a repeat crowd for the following year!!  With regard to “shuffler recognition” I am going to give you a link to a Slide Show complete with names.  With regard to a “great time”, near IMG_0015 Healy - Copythe end of the Slide Show you will see pix of a Dance Band on stage. The Band, Healy and Orr received high praise from those who attended!!!  In the audience was the Father and Mother of Band Member Healy!!!  That would be Art and Dorothy.

Here is the link to the Slide Show:  http://photopeach.com/album/12cql4v   READERS: No doubt your Shuffleboard Club will have and end of season “event”!!  I invite you to send along a story and pictures in order for me to make a posting!!

Alfie Mangan sent along the pix for the Slide Show.  Merrill Arcand contributed significantly to the success of the Banquet as did George Clark and Jim Fielding.

Remember folks: Shuffleboard is the Catalyst which brings us to such events!!!

Stan McCormack. 2016 03 14.


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