As the Shuffleboard Season Comes to an End, We Hold Tournaments to Determine and Recognize Performance!!

2015 Reiny Masters pic of ALLPic of CD “Masters” by Gary Pipher.  2015 Participants. Click once on pic to expand.

Already we have provided coverage of the State of Arizona.  The Florida State Masters begins on April 4th and ends on April 7th and we will provide coverage.  To see who are the FSA Top 8, as of to-day, go here:

Most Districts in the State of FL will be hosting “District Masters” either this week or next!!  Central District, in the heart of FL’s Shuffleboard World begins their Masters this coming Thursday, March 17th in Lakeland!!  If you wish to determine IF, WHEN,AND WHERE your FL District is holding their “District Masters”, look in the PREVIEW or on your District Website >> address of your District Website is indicated at the top of the first page of your District in the PREVIEW.

We are going to direct our attention to the Central District at this time.  Go here for general info: ; go here for the list of all competitors, listed by Category:

To enhance the enthusiasm and interest in each Category I invited comments from an individual in that same Category.  For example, I invited a Pro Man to comment on the Pros on the list. I will begin with a pdf file of the comments by District Am Pauline.

Here are the comments by Pauline for the DA Women: CD 2016 Di Am. Women Analysis  Here are the comments by Glenna for the Pro Women:  CD 2016 Pro Women Analysis      Here are the comments by Earl for the Pro Men:  CD 2016 Pro Men Analysis                   Here are the comments by Marti for State Am Women: CD 2016 STATE AM WOMEN Analysis


FINALLY, go here to enjoy last year’s EVENT by a series of Slide Shows.  (The 3rd slide show is a look back to 2005 >> some “good ole” shots; some “good ole” memories. )  The very last slide show is the RESULTS for 2015. Here is the link:

Incomming CD Board 2016 (Spring)The CD will once again have a fine “End of Season Event”!!  Thanks to the entire CD Board with special emphasis on Doug Stockman, the VP responsible for the Event.  Doug is 2nd from the right in pic above.

Stan McCormack.  2016 03 15




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