2016 FSA CD End of Season Tournament Begins in Lakeland, FL.

   Group Pic 2016 CD Masters As we explained, to-day 2016 03 17, was the Opening Day of the Central District Reiny, State Am, Pro Masters!!!  There are 3 separate categories, 6 distinct groups.  Pic at top is of those gathered at the Opening. Pix taken by, and sent along by Jerry Deren.  Pic below is of the District Amateur Women, “Top 8”!! CD Reiny Top 8 2016 Please remember, to see names of ALL OF THE PLAYERS, go here: http://www.fsa-centraldistrict.org/Reiny/2016%20Participants.pdf  Next pic is Di. Am. Men Top 8.

CD Reiny Di Am MenAnd now we give you the State Am Women & State Am Men!  BELOW.

CD St Am Women 2016CD 2016 Reiny St Am MenAND NOW, below, “Pro Women” and “Pro Men”  CD Masters Pro Women 20162016 CD Pro Men MastersNOTE: Where there are 9 Shufflers in any pic, the 9th person is the ALTERNATE.

One more time!!  A Big Thank You to Jerry Deren for taking and sending the pix!!  Stan McCormack. 2016 03 17.




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