2016 Masters update #2 as affected by the Tournament of Champions as of the End of Play on Tuesday, March 29th, 2016 by Earl Ball!!

18-earl-ball (2)2016 #2 TOC Effect on Masters; end of day, Tuesday, March 29th.

It appears Mike Seyfer, 24 points & Jay Goldman will qualify for the Masters.  Jay was playing for 1st this afternoon which gives him 24 or 25 points. ** The surprise is that Ray Buck, 23 points, took 4th in consolation and went home last night, not to return; he will be out or be the alternate.  The last spot in the women’s division was being contested between Sharon Upson, 34 points; a new next year Hall of Famer & Mary Eldridge an all-time Hall of Fame player.  Landy Adkins has 35 points and if Sharon loses they will be tied and maybe we’ll have a playoff.  If Sharon wins she’s in. *

Earl Ball, 2016 03 29 19:30. 

*Sharon lost to Mary Eldridge.

  • ** Jay took 2nd, Larry Toole took 1st.

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