Unofficial Results of Tournament of Champions!! P26 2016 03 29.

Just as soon as the match between Helen Biaggi and Alice Enos ends, we will update this posting.  We know that many are anxiously waiting for the results of this SIGNIFICANT, AND LAST tournament of the FSA Season.  Remember to watch these pages for the FSA MASTERS TO BEGIN ON MONDAY, APRIL 4th.  We can now tell you that Helen placed 1st!!

Men Non Walking Main:  1st Place, Larry Toole

                                              2nd Place, Jay Goldman

                                              3rd Place, Tom Feeley

                                              4th Place, Hank Johnson

Consolation: 1st Place, Mickey Henson

                        2nd Place, Jim Rathburn

                        3rd Place, Jean Guy Allaire

                        4th Place, Ralph Webb

Men Walking Main:  1st Place, Larry Mardis

                                     2nd Place, Bob Robinson

                                     3rd Place, Jerry Stannard

                                     4th Place, Glen Peltier

Consolation:  1st Place, John Brown

                         2nd Place, Dwayne Cross

                         3rd Place, Bob Comford

                         4th Place, Ray Buck

Non Walking event for Women

Women Walking Main:  1st Place, Helen Biaggi

                                           2nd Place, Alice Enos

                                           3rd Place, Nancy Singleton

                                           4th Place, Joan Cook

Consolation:  1st Place, Mary Eldridge

                         2nd Place, Sharon Upson

                         3rd Place, June Carpenter

                         4th Place, Pam Nurnberger

My understanding is Jay Goldman qualified for the Masters with his 2nd Place Main finish.

Stan Bober, WCD Webmaster    2016 03 29 18:30

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