The 2016 FSA MASTERS will be held at Briny Breezes Beginning April 4th; and will wrap up on April 7th.

Briny Breezes The 2016 FSA MASTERS will be held at Briny Breezes Beginning  April 4th; and will wrap up on April 7th.

FSA_Logo[1]Ron Vaughn Speaks: Briny Breezes is a mobile home park located just east off I-95. A1A runs right through the town. We have 600 ft. of sandy ocean front on one side of A1A and 1100 ft. on the intercostal side.  We have about 1000 seasonal residents with approximately 300 year round. We have several activities at Briny, of which one is shuffleboard. We have 165 members in our club. About 50 take an active part on a daily or weekly basis.

We hope to have the local newspapers present.

We will be providing lunch on the 4th, 5th, and 6thof April. The lunch will be burgers, hot dogs, sausages at a minimal cost. Banquet lunch/dinner will be the last day, the 7th,   at the Ocean Clubhouse with roast beef being the entrée, with various side dishes served buffet style.  Banquet dinner will be at no cost to the players, their spouse/significant other and workers.  Others who may wishe to attend the banquet will need to purchase a dinner ticket at a price of $8.00. Due to the time frame, tickets may be purchased anytime during the tournament.

Stan Speaks:  Ron Vaugn is the Past President of Briny Breezes.  He is the serving President of the FSA South East Coast District.  I want to thank Ron for sending along this information.  Ron has indicated that he will send along daily reports as the MASTERS goes forward.   We know that it will be a busy time for Ron and his “helpers” for this week of intense activity.  We are anticipating the final list of competitors for the MASTERS from Landy Adkins, FSA President.  As most readers are aware, NOT EVERYONE who finishes in the “Top 8” is able to compete.  I am now providing you with the Standings as of March 30th, BUT remember this is NOT the list of the Masters Competitors.    That is yet to come.

Stan McCormack, 2016 03  30

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