2016 FSA MASTERS; WE GIVE YOU THE FEMALE COMPETITORS. Event begins Monday, April 4th at Briny Breezes.


  1. Helen Biaggi           52 Points
  2. Dianna Allen          50 points
  3. Pam Nurnberger  47 points
  4. Glenda Brake        41 points
  5. Nancy Sclafani      41 points
  6. Terry Smith            41 points
  7. Sue McLaughlin   38 points
  8. Tied Sharon Upson & Landy Adkins 35 points.        Play Off at Briny Sunday, April 3rd.
  9. Masters 2016 Women: Analysis by Earl Ball.

    Helen Biaggi put together a great year; you knew she would when she cut her hair and got ready for battle.  Of course she can win it all; she has the determination, knows the game and has a great coach, Steve.  He will keep her focused.

    Diana Allen also had a great year.  I didn’t get to see her play this season but have competed against her in mixed tournaments in the past and have always been impressed with her knowledge of what to do in difficult situations.  She’ll be around the lead and just maybe she’ll bring home the trophy.

    Pam Nurnberger is a player you can’t help but pull for; she tries so hard and is grateful for every victory.  She hangs in and if she wins a couple of games that the other player should have won she’ll be right there when the final tally is made.

    Glenda Brake is a fellow player from Zephyrhills and I do get to see her play.  She is very accurate and gets what appears to be a little luck here and there because she is such a great shooter.  She gets to Florida late and doesn’t have all of the best partners, yet she places in most tournaments and has been near the top all season.  I’m biased and I know it.  I’d like to see her win for the Club.

    Nancy Sclafani has an infectious personality and you can’t help but like Nancy.  She’s also a fine player who learned on rough courts in Zephyrhills.  She has the experience and just may be a force.

    Terry Smith just gets better and better.  Everyone better watch out; one of these days she is going to lift the trophy; maybe this year.  It’s dangerous to talk about anyone’s appearance but Terry is one of my heroes.  She decided to lose weight and get in shape.  It’s not easy, I know!  I’m proud of her and I’m sure I’m not alone.

    Sue McLaughlin looked like she was going to run away and hide with the points lead early in the season but leveled off down the stretch.  She can be an aggressive player.  If she uses that aggressive approach she will win some games she might otherwise lose.  If that can happen often enough she’ll be right in the mix.

    Landy Adkins and Sharon Upson will play off at the Masters site on Sunday afternoon.  One will take the final position and the other will be the alternate.  Landy is a veteran player who has advanced to play with excellent partners; she’s earned that right by performing so well over the years.  I expect her to be a tough competitor and Sharon will have her hands full.  Sharon Upson is a player I’ve had a chance to watch.  She plays the board well but can clear too.  She’s had a career year with the points she’s earned; she’s also qualified for the Hall of Fame.  It would be fitting for her to play her 1st Masters just to top off the year.

    The women’s field is the most balanced it’s been in years.  I really think any of the players could be the Champion. 

    The winner, men and women, will be the player who wins a couple of games on the last shot or missed shot and doesn’t lose any games they should have won by squandering big leads. 

    The weather, as of today, looks good.  If it’s hot some players will wilt and lose their chance but some will thrive and they will be the Champion.

    Earl 3-31-2016

For Lodging Information, go here:  http://www.fsa-shuffleboard.org/StMasterHotels.pdf

Stan McCormack.  2016 03 31

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