2016 FSA MASTERS; WE GIVE YOU THE MALE COMPETITORS. Event begins April 4th at Briney Breezes

Male Competitors 2016 FSA MASTERS

1 Earl Ball                    75 points

2 Allen Dronsfield     48 points

3 Dave Kudro              37 points

4 Ken Offenther         34 points

5 Jerry Stannard        32 points

6 Phil Harrison           27 points

7 Jay Goldman            24 points

8 Michael Seyfer         24 points

Alternate Ray Buck    23 points

I now give you an overview of the Players by the 2015 Men’s Masters Champion, Earl Ball.

Masters 2016 Men; Analysis by Earl Ball! 

The Men’s State Masters Field is a very strong field and yet a breath of fresh air.  Three players will be competing for the 1st time; Mike Seyfer, Jay Goldman & Phil Harrison.  Mike Seyfer works harder at the game than anyone I’ve known over the last five years.  He wants to know how to play the game right which he’s convinced gives him the best chance to win and I agree.  He might just win it all.  Jay Goldman is much better than his points would indicate because he didn’t play many tournaments but he was determined toward the end because he wanted to make the field to play in his home district.  He’s use to the conditions and that will help him win some games he might not otherwise win.  Jay’s been playing for 20 years so don’t make the mistake of thinking you can take advantage of him.  I’ve got to give him a chance to win.  Phil Harrison started the season on fire and it carried him to the Masters.  Phil plays the board very well and who knows, maybe he can go all the way.  Dave Kudro is now a veteran and he knows what to expect.  Most of us see Dave as a board clearer but I know he plays the board very well and if he can win the close games he may well bring home the big prize.  I’m convinced he will one of these years.  Ken Offenther has the best chance to win.  He’s not new to the situation and he’s in his home district.  I know he very much wants to be a Masters Champion.  Jerry Stannard is also a veteran.  It depends which Jerry shows up.  If he gets off to a good start he may be able to carry the momentum to the winner’s circle.  Al Dronsfield is driven; he’s out to prove how good he is and the only question is who he’s trying to prove it to, himself or the rest of us or both.  Driven people either succeed or crash and burn; I know that for a fact.  He’ll be a factor to the end and who knows what the result will be!  I’ll be there as the defending champion.  Ray Buck is the alternate and for the 1st time in a long time I don’t expect the alternate to play.

Earl 3-30-2016

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  1. stanistheman says:

    Richard Ingram said this: Excellent interesting analysis Earl!

    Richard in TVs


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