Millennials for Millennials!! An Awesome Experience!! A Terrific Success!!

Realize Bradenton Sign April 2016Ron Nurnberger Speaks:  Bradenton Shuffle Club President Paul Knepper & Project Manager Kathleen Ferrer deserve ‘kudo’s’ for  There tremendous successful “shuffleboard” evening Friday night—see Bradenton Herald ( link for details–

More than 150 ” millenniums attended (age 18-34) attended.
Jim Allen (Allen R. Shuffleboard) also attended with a ‘booth’ to inform interested ‘shufflers’ of past history of Florida Shuffleboard and his available products.  Jim had this to say: “I had been invited by the club to set up a table with the history of the sport, and many of the millennial’s were intrigued not only with the story of shuffleboard, but the old discs and wooden cues!”

Food, music (DJ), beer and strobe lighting made this a Shuffleboard event to remember—Ron Nurnberger, SWCD President

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