FSA Playoff To Determine Who Will Have the 8th Spot in the 2016 Masters, Women’s Division.

The FSA Masters begins tomorrow morning!!  HOWEVER;  to-day, Sunday, April 03rd, there will be a playoff between Sharon Upson and Landy Adkins to determine who will be Participating AND who will be the Alternate!!

IMG_0290 Sharon UpsonLandy Adkins BESTSharon, on your left began shuffling in 1985 and “got serious” about it in the “90s”. Sharon is from Hawthorne in FL’s Northern District.  Commentator Earl Ball has this to say: “She plays the board well but can clear too!!  She’s had a career year with the points she’s earned, she has also qualified for the Hall of Fame.  It would be fitting for her to play her 1st Masters just to top off the year! ”  

Landy Adkins is no stranger to the Masters, having  competed in 11.  She is in the FSA Hall of Fame, Player Award and serves as the current FSA President.  Commentator Ball said this: Landy is a veteran player who has advanced to play with excellent partners; she’s earned that right by performing so well over the years.  I expect her to be a tough competitor and Sharon will have her hands full.” 

This exciting match is scheduled to begin at 1 o-clock to-day, Sunday, April 03rd.  We expect to have the outcome for you shortly after it is concluded!! 

Stan McCormack.  2016 04 03.


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