Some of the 2016 FSA Masters Shufflers Gather at the Goldmans!

 Shuffleboard is more than the activity on the courts.  Shuffleboard is getting together, in this case getting together at the Goldmans, (Jay and Tara in pic 1;) following shuffleboard to-day at Briny.  Shuffleboard is sharing ideas, sharing the possibilities with respect to that Shot We Missed; sharing ideas with respect to what will happen at the Masters.  The one common element is SHUFFLEBOARD; it is the catalyst that brings us together; it is the catalyst that keeps us together.  With regard to conversation, I rather expect that Dave Kudro, pic 3, current FSA 1st VP, may have shared his view, his perception of the recent Millennial Event in Bradenton, an event that was EXTREMLEY well attended, an event at which Dave assisted.  Similar events are on the increase!!  Click:

Also pictured below are Ron Vaughn and Rick Curtis.  Ron is the South East Coast District President, Rick the current President of Briny.  Both are on the organizing committee for the 2016 Masters.  Finally we have Mike Seyfer and Jane Biaggi.  It was Jane who sent along these fine pix. Thanks Jane!! Click on each pic once to expand. Click again to make it even larger. Stan McCormack.  2016 04 03 20:22

Jay and Tara GoldmanRon V & Richard CurtisDave and TerriIMG_3641Dave and TerriEarl, Kenny, don't K. & Jerry St.



IMG_3641Mike and Breeze

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