We Give You Article #26 by John Brown. 2016 04 05.

                                               IMG_0005 DISTRICT MASTERS CONTINUED

     We resume the report of Southwest Coast District 2016 Masters with our first annual State Amateur Masters. 

     Paula Jacobson of Mt. Vernon took first place.  She discovered shuffleboard a year ago at a school held at her courts.  A veteran of tennis and golf, she found shuffle a natural fit, athletic and challenging and looks forward to many years of competition with all these new district friends.

     Tammy Heppeard of Paulding, OH and Palmetto placed second.  Her parents, Ron and Phyllis Gochenour led her to shuffleboard, and she plays the way they have over the years at Palmetto.  She is proud of her family relationship including three grandchildren already.

     Third place, Jill DeBruyne of Sugar Creek Resort and Ontario also discovered her aptitude for shuffleboard at one of our schools in her park.  She and Moe have become district shufflers over the past five years.

     Ingrid Broadhead, of Quebec and Trailer Estates placed fourth.  She and Gil are both moving up at the Club and District level and play very well wherever they go.

     Ruby Flickinger, fifth, of Kalamazoo, MI, and Tropic Isles has shuffled since 2010, with District play since 2012.  Also playing in Michigan, she accomplished her Florida goals this season – to make Pro and make this Masters.

     Judy Cross, sixth, was born in Missouri, but lived in Michigan for many years.  Mother of four and grandmother of six, she learned a lot by watching Dwayne play for about a decade.  Now with three years as a competitor, Judy appreciates the challenge and all her different friendly partners.

     Donna Schultz, of southwest Ohio and Braden Castle placed seventh and appreciates all her partners and friends in this fulfilling sport.  Donna will be a Pro in October and will be at Lakeside in July.  Alternate Dian Darrah played on Saturday as Donna had to attend a funeral of a friend. 

     Cheryl Putnam and Sharon Hoyt placed eighth.  Cheryl had to drop out when her husband Tom suffered a health event, so Alternate Sharon Hoyt played the rest of the tournament.  Cheryl is from Kingston, MI and Trailer Estates.  Sharon is from St. George, New Brunswick and Bradenton Tropical Palms.  She finds the game enjoyable and challenging – almost frustrating at times – but she greatly appreciates the sincerity and friendship of others on the courts and looks forward to more years of the same.  Cheryl is Secretary of Trailer Estates Shuffle Club, and Vice-President of the club in Caro, MI.

      First place in the men was Lloyd Schmidt, born in Saginaw, MI in 1940.  An Air Force veteran, he worked at GM for 36 years.  Married to Gail for 50 years, his cheerleader, they have two children and three grands.  Lloyd shuffled 4 years before tournaments, and now with 4 years in tournaments, he appreciates the many nice people he has met from everywhere.  He thanks all those behind the scenes who make things work.

          Jack Welty, second is from Dubuque, IA and Tidevue Estates.  He played in the 2014 District Amateur Masters and is very happy to place in this State Amateur Masters He hopes to be lucky enough to someday play in the Pro Masters.

     Placing third was Larry Fowler of Kirtland, OH and Golf Lakes.  Playing for 11 years, he made the Amateur Masters in 2012, and is honored to play in this State Amateur Masters with some of the many new friends he has met on the courts.

     Dan Lake plays out of Tropic Isles.  He and Eva Mae grace our courts often, and both compete very well.  They are both modest and unassuming, just the type of personalities that make our District so pleasant.  Dan placed 4th.

     Placing fifth, John Stuart recalls his first win in 2013 at Paradise Bay with Jerry Rahl.  A former racer in boats, cars, and sail-boards, he now enjoys shuffling as much as anybody.  He often shows up with a smile on a motorcycle and enjoys every moment.

    Bill Jenkins, 6th, of Franklin Furnace, OH and Sugar Creek Resort is a retired painting contractor.  He and Jewell also play table shuffleboard at the Moose Lodge in southern Ohio.  They recently also partnered in the mixed doubles at the District level.

     Seventh went to Tom Putnam and Gilles Emard.  Tom had to be checked out for a temporary pinched nerve which decontrolled his arm, so Alternate Gilles Emard played the rest of the week. Tom cares for discs and courts at Trailer Estates where he is First V.P.  Gilles Emard, from Quebec, and Village on the Greens, is playing very well these days, and enjoys shuffle very much.

     Brad Thomas, 8th place, retired recently but still works part-time when needed.  Brad is a native of MN, but has lived in several states since his discharge from the US Air Force.  His pleasure in this sport is best described by his phrase, good, good, good.

     Due to space limitations, the SWCD Pro Masters results will be reported next week.


     Tournament of Champions, FL P-26 at Clearwater, March 28-29.  Ladies Non-Walking Consolation: 4. Pam Nurnberger. Men’s Non-Walking  Main: 1. Larry Toole,  Consolation: 2. J.R. Rathburn.  Men’s Walking Main: 1. Larry Mardis, 3. Jerry  Stannard.  Consolation: 1. John L. Brown, 2. Dwayne Cross, 3. Bob Comford.


     Today is the second day of The Florida Masters at Briny Breezes in the Southeast Coast District.  At deadline for this article, expected players include Earl Ball, Allen Dronsfield, Dave Kudro, Ken Offenther, Jerry Stannard, Phil Harrison, Jay Goldman, Michael Seyfer, and Alternate Ray Buck.

     Helen Biaggi, Dianna Allen, Pam Nurnberger, Glenda Brake, Nancy Sclafani, Terri Smith, Sue McLaughlin, Alternate Sharon Upson or Landy Adkins.


     Sue Daidone advises that April will be NO membership in Braden Club is required to play Single-Mingles.  Cost for all is $3 for 6 games.  The money is used for prizes.

     Black and Yellow will begin May 2 at 8:30 a.m.  Please arrive early to help ready the courts. Non-members pay$ 5 to cover all Summer until October 1.  Black and Yellow .25 per game, 3 games of 16 frames.  Welcome to all.

     Final article for 2015-16 Season next week.

Happy Shuffling,

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