We Give You The Final Results of the 2016 FSA Masters!! Sent along by State TD Glenn Monroe

2016 FSA Masters CAKE

IMG_3665 - CopyFemale Winner is Terri Smith: This is Terri Smith’s 2nd Masters!! She began shuffling in 2008, became a State Am in 2011 and a Pro in 2012.  She won the Northern District, District Am. Masters, the SWC Pro Masters in 2015 AND placed 3rd in the ISA World Championships held in St Petersburg in 2013.  Finally, Terri ranked #1 in the State of Ohio in 2014.   Click: Ladies Masters Finals

 M 28 form or what  - CopyMale Winner is Phil Harrison:  It is Phil Harrison’s very first MASTERS!!  He began shuffling in 2004 and began to take it seriously in 2011.  He made Pro in 2012 and won the Southern District, District Am, State Am, and Pro Masters!!  Phil is a member of the Lee County Shuffleboard Club.  That is Phil shooting!!  Congrats from all!!  Click: Mens Masters Finals

Thanks to Helen Biaggi for sending along these pix!!  Thanks to Colleen Austin for the description for Terri and Phil.  Thanks to FSA TD Director Glenn Monroe for sending the results.   Thanks to the Host Club AND all those who helped (worked) to make the even a SUCCESS!!  Thanks to Joan Nicholls for being the official Masters Photographer!! There will be MORE TO COME.  Jacket presentation; the Banquet and OTHER!!

Stan McCormack.  2016 04 07 13:00 .

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4 Responses to We Give You The Final Results of the 2016 FSA Masters!! Sent along by State TD Glenn Monroe

  1. Moe & Teresa says:

    Congratulations Terri! It was nice meeting you in Clearwater.


  2. Congratulations Terry !


  3. Glenna Earle says:

    Congratulations to all the Masters players!!!! It is a wonderful accomplishment to qualify and be able to play against the top players in the state. No matter where you placed you were winners. Congrats especially to the new wearers of the “WHITE JACKETS”. I’m sure you will wear them proudly.


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