2016 FSA Masters Summary by Linda Rebholz, FSA Secretary.


Phil & Linda Reboltz (3)After Phil’s tenure as FSA president and all his time on the executive board ended, he did not feel obligated to attend the four day Masters.  However, as the time approaches you get caught up in the excitement so last year we decided to attend the last day of play and the awards banquet at Lee County.  This year the venue was a new one at Briny Breezes, a small community on the ocean.  Southeast Coast President Ron Vaughn is a resident and he promoted this event very well so we braved the morning traffic to travel down.  As a new District President and a very nice man, Ron did a tremendous job.

With all the pictures from Helen Biaggi and Joan Nicholls, and the reports from Glenn Monroe, we knew that Terri Smith was leading the women, with Dianna Allen and Pam Nurnberger not far behind.  With the men, Earl Ball and Allen Dronsfield tied with 11 and Ken Offenther and Phil Harrison had 12. This morning, Phil Harrison won all 3 from Jerry Stannard. Ken Offenther lost 2 to Dave Kudro. The nail biter was between last year’s champion Earl Ball and Allen Dronsfield. They were one and one going into the third game but Allen prevailed.

Terri Smith lost one to Nancy Sclafani and it seemed to me that it was a color court. Anyway, Terri won the lag and the third game to ensure the championship. Pam Nurnberger won three games from Glenda Brake. Dianna Allen won her three games from Helen Biaggi. The order of wins is shown on “The Shuffler”.

A delicious lunch was provided by the volunteers of the Southeast Coast District with an entrée of roast beef and several homemade dishes.   Dessert was a chocolate and white sheet cake served with ice cream. Lots of us enjoyed the rocking chairs overlooking the ocean while waiting for lunch.  What a beautiful setting to end the tournament.

After lunch, presentations were made by FSA president Landy Adkins. First time player and champion Phil Harrison became emotional as he thanked his wife who could not be there because of health issues. In her stead, Steve Biaggi presented his jacket but said he drew the line at giving Phil a wifely kiss!! First time player, Jay Goldman had his jacket presented by his lovely wife, Tara who did a happiness jig!!  Sharon Upson, Northern District, has had an unusual year. Not only did she qualify to play in her first masters, she obtained her 200 points and will be inducted into the FSA Hall of Fame next January. Her jacket was presented by Allen Dronsfield from the Northern District.  Landy Adkins presented the white jacket to Michael Seyfer.  Dave Kudro presented the trophy to lady champion, Terri Smith.

On a personal note—what would we do without Stan McCormack who spends so much time keeping us informed and a part of these FSA events?  Also, what would we do without Colleen Austin who made the player bench names, the programs and tickets and helped the Briny Breezes Club get through their first masters? We praise all the volunteers who spent four days working to make sure everyone remembers this tournament.

A good day was had by all!!!  Linda Rebholz, Reporter and FSA Secretary

NEW SLIDE SHOW:  http://photopeach.com/album/19slpes

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2 Responses to 2016 FSA Masters Summary by Linda Rebholz, FSA Secretary.

  1. Bob Linda Read says:

    Congrates from the ice fields of Wasaga Beach. Best wishes to all . Bob Read


  2. Tara says:

    Terrific job Linda!!!!! It is so enjoyable to watch and read. Thanks so much for you and Phil for coming. Love, Tara and Jay


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