Shuffleboard tournament attracted 13 teams! (Preeceville is in SK)

The Preeceville Club 60 hosted a one-day shuffleboard tournament with 13 teams entered on March 21.

There were 10 local teams entered along with three out-of-town teams. The team of George Whyman and Helen McIntosh of Invermay had the most wins in the tournament.

            Other out-of-town teams were Yvonne Martin and Marg Knight of Lintlaw and Ken and Verla Campbell of Elfros.

            Local teams were: Elsie Luciw and Lena Knash, Alex Radawetz and Ray Scarth, Carol Fairburn and Avalon Hough, Joe Luciw and Diane Law, Lorene Biccum and Bert Fairburn, Mabel Gulka and Gerry Fairburn, Mary Radawetz and Judy Hearn, Marj Bodnar and Dale Schur, Roy Fairburn and Helen Gulka and Stella Tulik and Bernice Maksymiw.

            Each team played four games.

            The club members continue to play shuffleboard every Wednesday, carpet bowl every Thursday and Friday and play cards through the three days. The activities will end for the season at the end of April.

Stan speaks: This may not equate to the FL Masters, BUT you must admit these seniors are ACITVE.  See para above.  Article sent along by Bob Weber with thanks.  Stan 2016 04 09.

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