World Curling Championship ; You Can Catch the Gold Medal Game!! AND the Bronze Medal Game!!

IMG_2974 - Copy

NO, that is not Tim Horton above; it is Kevin Koe, the Skip of the Canadian Team.  (Shot from my TV Screen)

This week in Basel Switzerland the World Curling Championship is taking place. Lois and I have spent a good deal of time in front of the TV enjoying the Round Robin component of the games.  And even though we have a Recorder which permits us to compensate for the significant time shift, the morning Canada played Sweden, we arose at 03:00 (that is like 3 a.m.) to watch the Match.  We found out later the same day, that same match was repeated beginning at 09:00!!!   Canadians will find the Event on TSN.  Others I am not sure.

Tomorrow morning, 2016 04 10, beginning at 04:00 Eastern Time, JAPAN will play the USA for BRONZE!! 

Tomorrow morning, 2016 04 10, beginning at 09:00, CANADA will play DENMARK for GOLD.

Enthusiasts of Curling have no doubt been following the event all week. Fans of Shuffleboard JUST MAY WISH TO WATCH TO DECIDE FOR THEMSELVES THE DEGREE OF SIMILARITY BETWEEN SHUFFLEBOARD AND CURLING!!!!!! 

Stan McCormack.  2016 04 09





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