We Give You Article #27 by John Brown. 2016 04 12. The Final Article for this Season!!

                       Dolores and John Brown

 Stan Speaks:  A BIG THANK YOU TO JOHN and DOLORES BROWN.  Each does a great deal in support of Shuffleboard!!!     From all who read your articles in the Bradenton Newspaper OR on this BLOG, we do hope that both of you will have a great summer!!   I have known John and Dolores for 16 years!!  To read a little about the Browns, click: https://theshuffler.net/2014/12/30/we-give-you-article-4-re-john-brown-a-bonus-no-matter-how-well-you-know-john-i-guarantee-you-will-learn-something-new-be-sure-and-see-the-pdf-file/

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The Pro Masters in the Southwest Coast District show these results.  First in the Ladies Division was Nancy Sclafani, District Keeper of Records.  An immigrant from the Central District (Zephyrhills) a few years ago, Nancy plays at a high level of skill.  A thick New York accent reminds us of her career in the marketing of clothing, I believe.

     Second, Letha DeVries has been at Golf Lakes for 4 years, where she and Charlie shuffle regularly.  Letha enjoys draw partners who enjoy serious fun with her on the courts.  She thanks all her friends a bunch.

     Third, Arlene McCague of Palmetto Shuffle Club is in constant demand as a partner because she plays so well.  She has played as a Pro for several years now and is very dependable.

     Fourth, Pam Nurnberger, First Lady of the SWCD as Mrs. Ron Nurnberger, is among the top competitors in even State Open Tournaments.  Pam shoots straight and hard – very good at clearing the board, a treasured skill among players everywhere.

     Pat Tomko, 5th, a widow from Maine and resident of Palmetto has played since 2004, played in the 2009 Amateur Masters , made Pro in her first year as State Am, and claims to have learned a lot from others in her “shuffle family”.  Pat always anticipates the coming season.

     Marilyn Everett, 6th, is a retired downhill and racing ski instructor from Maine and Paradise Bay.  Recently inducted into the District Hall of Fame, with her husband Jerry, she has already won at least 5 Masters events.

     Seventh, Erika Berg, of Ontario and Imperial Lakes also has a consistent record in shuffleboard.  Erika and her husband Peter immigrated as young adults to Canada and both have played on Canadian teams in International Competition.  This columnist has never seen Erika when she had no smile.  People like Erika and Peter bring joy and good sportsmanship to share with all.

       Eighth place went to Adriana Cramton of MI and Seabreeze.  She and Jim have a lake house in MI where they enjoy cooler  Summers.  A six year Pro, this is her first Masters.  She is thankful to her partners, and wishes happy shuffling to all.

     Debra Williams of Ohio and Palmetto faithfully served as Alternate Lady.  Not needed, she had time to work as a referee the whole week.  She and Lowell , President at Palmetto are always on hand to help where needed.  Lowell was also a referee at the Masters.

     Men 1st, Jim Miller of IN and Pinecraft is a perennial winner.  He and Jo have done a lot for shuffleboard, especially at Bradenton Shuffle Club.  Jim is a member of the Florida Shuffleboard Hall of Fame.

     Second, Jerry Everett summers in Northern Maine and is often in the Masters.  Also Jerry has won 2 National Tournaments and skins bears for a taxidermist in the North Woods.  Jerry and Marilyn also arrange the referees after training them.

     Third, Mike Marquis of New Hampshire and Bradenton Shuffle Club is Immediate Past President of the District. Mike is in constant demand as a partner.

     Fourth, Rev. John Roberson of Golf Lakes played in his very first Pro Masters.  He notes that the shuffleboard players care for each other in a favorable fashion, sharing moments of victory and defeat.  John is grateful for help received and he prays for the best for each of us.

     5th, Ron Nurnberger, a retired school administrator now lives in a condo community and serves as an officer there as well as being President of the Southwest Coast District.  Ron has played in five Masters here and we all appreciate his leadership and encouragement.

     J.R. Rathburn of Ohio and Palmetto placed sixth this year.  Often playing with his friend, Larry Toole,  whom he has known for many years, he has always played fairly and well.  He makes some good shots which older members remember and long for too.

     Placing seventh was Clarence Gingerich of Northern Indiana and Pinecraft.  He has his own court in Indiana and is well known as a great player from Pinecraft.  He and Mary return to the Shipshewana area each Summer.

     Eighth place went to Peter Berg who emigrated from Germany to Ontario as a young man, operated a successful business in Canada not far from Detroit, MI.  He and Erika work together very well and often partner in Mixed Doubles.  Peter is an excellent photographer and generously furnishes pictures for the PREVIEW and Hall of Fame, as well as the District Website.

     Dr. Larry Mardis of Ohio and Braden Castle, not being called upon as Alternate, faithfully served as referee each day.


.     Among contenders at Briny Point in the Florida Masters last week were Nancy Sclafani, Terri Smith, Pam Nurnberger, Dave Kudro and Jerry Stannard.  Results are posted at www.fsa-shuffleboard.org.

.     Check the PREVIEW for shuffling in many states this Summer.

.     Until next October, Happy Shuffling.

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