Shuffler Bobby Sudomir Runs in the Boston Marathon To-Day!! 2016 04 18

Bobby Sudomir

The pic above is taken from Facebook >> but like so many articles in Facebook, one never gains a comprehensive understanding of the significance of the photo!!  The running gear above belongs to Bob Sudomir, shuffler xtradonnaire!!  Bob is running the Boston Marathon to-day.  If he does as well RUNNING as he has done in Shuffleboard, he just may make the newspapers!!!  All Shufflers wish him well!

Bobby SudimoreWilma Rudolph speaking in July of 2009:  BOB SUDOMIR HITS THE TRIFECTA Ohio State Shuffleboard President Bob Sudomir is no stranger to winning at Lakeside, having won six previous national championships there.  However; in the summer of 2009 he wrote his name indelibly in shuffleboard history by winning ALL THREE Ohio National Championships – Men’s Walking Singles, Men’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles.   First, he defeated Florida’s Earl Ball in the walking singles.  Then, he teamed up with fellow Lakeside alumnus Chris Cermak to beat Earl Ball and his partner Henry Strong, for the men’s doubles championship.  Finally, he teamed up with fellow-Ohioan Sue Krynak to take the National Mixed Doubles at Toledo’s Jermain Park, defeating the team of Earl Ball and Joan Cook as well as the team of Henry Strong and Mary Button.  

Stan McCormack.  2016 04 18 Go Here to see his Results:  Enter Sudomir and number 8694



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2 Responses to Shuffler Bobby Sudomir Runs in the Boston Marathon To-Day!! 2016 04 18

  1. Gus Bondi says:

    It would take me a week to walk the course……let alone run it!!!!! Didn’t know Bob was a runner. Hope that he did well.

    Gus Bondi

    Sent from my iPad


  2. stanistheman says:

    Judy Sudomir wrote: I am amazed that Bob Sudomir is about to begin his 19th consecutive Boston Marathon. I’m so proud of you, Bob! Just qualifying once is terribly impressive. 19 years? That’s just mind-blowing. The fact that we met two months after your first Boston is hard to believe. Where have the years gone? Have a great time today, love.
    Follow his progress at Stan McCormack.

    Individual – Boston Athletic Association –


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