We Look Back 1 Year!! Remember Norwich England. I will post a Norwich “Look Back” Daily!!

NORWICH OPEN: Glenna Earle Shares With Us Her First Fascinating Report!!

Hi Stan, Glenna Earle speaks from London England!!
Well our first day in the magnificent city of London, England has left us exhausted. But the day was so enjoyable, so it was worth it!

We landed at Heathrow at 09:45 today and caught the “tube” to downtown London and found our enchanting hotel, the Holiday Inn Kensington Forum, which is right next to the Gloucester Rd Station.  After about a 5 minute walk from the tube, we were greeted by our doorman who offered to take our bags.
The room was ready for us so we gladly dropped off the baggage and after a short relax, started out to explore on foot. First we found so many lovely little eateries.  We will have a hard time getting to try them all but we did try a great Pub for dinner. Excellent traditional English food.

Kensington  Palace 2015-04-22 Kensington GArdens David & GlennaK for Stan and LOisBut I am getting ahead of myself; we walked and walked….to the Kensington Gardens and to Kensington Palace which we visited. It is the official residence of Kate & William. Unfortunately they were not in, or at least they were hiding from us. I did see some curtains moving in an upstairs window. Wonder if it was Kate? Maybe she will “deliver” while we are here!!!!

K College of Music K Royal Albert Hall K Albert HimselfWe also visited the Royal College of Music , (extreme left)which was most interesting and I have lots of pictures, inside and out. We went to the Royal Albert, (center) an outstanding rounded building which houses so much history. Spent lots of time there also. Many statues around there, including a huge monument entitled Queen Victoria and her people, which is across the street from the Royal Albert and within Kensington Gardens. Each corner had a continent represented and in the middle was Albert himself in gold gild; extreme right. Fantastic sculptures. The grounds were fabulous also with a lake and gardens everywhere.

We will definitely sleep well tonight but thought I would send a little update to you.  As you can tell we are enjoying every second, so far!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAK Steinway Piano earlyMost followers will be well aware of David and Glenna’s INTEREST AND ABILITY in music.  One only has to think back to the Cruise on Georgian Bay; pic on left. In the Royal College of Music David and Glenna came across  this very early Steinway Piano.      SHUFFLERS; that is an exciting report for Day 1, actually a short Day 1 for David and Glenna > they did not leave Heathrow until 10:00!!  I want to thank Glenna for this fine report!!  We are all hoping that she can “keep us in the pic” so to speak as the week unfolds!   Don’t forget to click on the pic once to expand, twice (no kidding) if you want it even larger!!  This file, and all others pertaining to the Norwich Open may be found in the Category “2015 England”

Stan McCormack.  2015 04 22 16:02 (in Ottawa that is)  Add 6 hrs for Glenna and David.

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1 Response to We Look Back 1 Year!! Remember Norwich England. I will post a Norwich “Look Back” Daily!!

  1. stanistheman says:

    Imagine if David and Glenna had been doing their walk this evening??? Apr. 22nd, 2016. Reference para 3 above where they visit Kensington. This very evening (2016) Kate and William are dinning with Barack and Michelle in their residence, Kensington!!!


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