We Look Back 1 Year!! Remember Norwich! Articles by Jim and Beth, Myrna Bilton and Glenna Earle.

We Hear From Jim and Beth as they Prepare to Depart! Norwich Open, England.

Allens, Beth & JimLes and Carol PhillipsStan: We are enjoying the reports from the Earles and the Biltons!!  Can’t wait to experience the English landscape ourselves! (Click on any pic to expand.)

We are at JFK now about to board our flight to London to enjoy 2 days with Carol and Les Phillips, who live in England .
They were the organizers of the Eastbourne Inaugural in 2004 and also a huge part of the 2008 Holland/Germany inaugural as well.  Sunday we meet the rest of the travelers as we continue to Norwich.  Regards ; Jim and Beth

Myrna Bilton Reports from London England; Norwich Open!

Myrna (1)Hi Stan:  John & Lenore Holder, Rendall and I arrived safe to Heathrow Airport at 06:35 today after a very smooth ride on a British Airways flight. A lovely young man from Brazil was waiting for us with our name on a sign. That made us feel important!! He was the driver from City Transfer who took us to our hotel – London Doubletree Hilton – Westminster. We are within walking distance of Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey.  He gave us a wonderful tour, and it was not organized or planned. This trip took about one and half hours. After three hours of sleep we were ready to get this show on the road!!!
We walked outside to a beautiful sunny day. Found a neat place to eat just down the street.
MB 2 Lunch at Giannis We ate outside – what a great way to start. If you ever come here make sure you eat at Gianni’s. Now we needed to get our tickets for a city tour. People were so helpful. Sounds like we were on the same tour as the Earles. Glenna did a great MB 1 Pipercoverage of the area.

We were welcomed with a Scottish piper just before we boarded the hop-on,hop-offMB Thames River Cruise Thames river cruise.
After walking a few miles we returned to our comfortable hotel and had our supper. Reminisced about our day and said we are very blessed to be sitting in this beautiful place.
We need sleep now as we have plans for tomorrow.  Myrna Bilton.

Myrna: Thank You so Very Much!!  Exactly what we need!!  Do have a Great Day Tomorrow!!    This article, and all Norwich articles, will be found in the Category 2015 ENGLAND.  Stan 2015 04 23.

Report #2 from London England by Glenna Earle!! Norwich Open

2015-04-23 06.30.43 2015-04-23 06.33.36 2015-04-23 06.34.51 2015-04-23 08.37.48

To-day, 2015 04 23, the Brakes, Clar and Glenda, the Marshmans, Linda and Bob joined with the Earles, David and Glenna. 3rd pic is entrance to the TUBE; 4th pic is of Big Ben!  All are still touring London.  Click on any pic to expand!!

We toured all the way to a stop at Westminster Bridge which we walked across and hoppedLondon Bridge, AZ on a river cruise of the Thames. This was included with our bus tickets. The day was unusually warm and we were able to sit on the top of the bus and the boat to really see it all. The pictures are not too great as we were moving so quickly, or too close to get the whole facade of magnificent buildings so I will only include a couple.  We saw many bridges, including London Bridge which is not the original. Saw too many things to  include here…suffice to say it was mesmerizing!  Bridge shown is the early 19th Century bridge, NOW IN ARIZONA.  Bridge purchase by McCullough of McCullough Chain saws and erected in AZ!!  Lois and I visited on our way to the ISA Event in Mesa!!

Now we are back in our rooms after a leisurely walk along the patisserie road, with a little treat bag under my arm. Night all!  Glenna

To read this article again, OR any article related to the Norwich Open in England, EITHER click on the Category, 2015 ENGLAND, OR enter the word Norwich or England into the search rectangle and hit search.   Stan McCormack.  2015 04 23. THANKS SO VERY MUCH GLENNA!!  “You “guys” have a great time!!”

Stan McCormack.  2015 04 23

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