Interest in “Mingles Singles” Picks Up During the Summer!! Some Thoughts Below!!

The West Coast and the Central District of FL, and no doubt others,  modify their “approach” to Shuffleboard during the Summer!!  Most Clubs take fewer “Practise” Shots!!  After reading the article by Earl, be sure and check out the SUCCESS the West Coast is having!!  Webmaster Stan Bober has some great pix!!!


Earl Ball Suggests The Following!! 

I’m still amazed at how players use their practice shots when they only get 2 for speed and 4 any way they want them in a short, 12 frame, mingles/singles game. Most players use the 4 for the back line and the only difference is that some shoot the corner on their side from the inside position and some shoot down the alley at that block. I agree that down the alley tells you the most because you learn something about your side of the court and you learn how to hit the corner block. What I don’t understand is the use of the speed shots. If you shoot them up the middle for both 8s you won’t learn anything you wouldn’t learn when you shoot the inside, deep 7s on your 4 block practice. The speed shots are your only chance to try the cross court and near court hides (St Pete and Tampa). You don’t need blocks out there to get an idea of what will happen when you hide. I see players so surprised when they try a good hide and either hit the hide or are so wide open the hide does no good.

In a short game you need to see what will happen behind the hide.

Earl:  (Ball)

Stan Speaks: I believe this article is timely, i.e. appropriate, as a significant number of Clubs modify their play during the summer.  Some Clubs have NO PRACTISE SHOTS!!??   This makes no sense to me.  One’s skill  and enjoyment are enhanced when he/she has “a feel for the court/board”.   2016 04 24.


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One Response to Interest in “Mingles Singles” Picks Up During the Summer!! Some Thoughts Below!!

  1. Linda Bob Read says:

    WELL DONE . hope to get some warmer weather soon. Have a great season. Linda Bob Read


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