We Look Back One Year to the Day!! Remember Norwich? Articles by Glenna Earle and Myrna Bilton. Posted on 2016-04-25, We look back 1 Year to the Day!! Back to the Norwich Open!!

Glenna Earle Norwich Report; Day 4 in London!! Sunday We Bus To Norwich!! To Read  Myrna’s Report, click: Myrna Bilton Report .

GL E In front Buckingham Pal Group Pic

Standing in front of Buckingham Palace, from left to right: Glenda Brake, Clar Brake, David Earle, Glenna Earle, Linda Marshman and Bob Marshman.    Note Bob’s New Hat and Glenda’ Cross of St George!!

Hi Stan: Another all out day and our feet are about ready to “throw in the towel”.
Started off with breakfast and then raced to the tube to purchase a pass for the day.
We discovered (with the help of an accomodating attendant) that an Oyster pass could be purchased which would allow us on any city type of transportation and at the end of the day we could resubmit our cards for a 5GBP (5 Great Britain Pounds) deposit back! How great is that! We travelled all day about 10 or 12 on and offs for less than 10 pounds each. Great deal!

GL E Bob LOVES HIS DONUTS! Mkt GL E Produce at Mkt PortebelloGL E Hats at Portebello MktGot on the tube and only a couple of stops later were at the Portobello Market and by this time the light rain had stopped. We walked all through the market, a couple of miles, and then grabbed a city bus to get to Trafalgar Square. Bob “found” his new Fedora above right.  Click on any pic to expand!!  See top pic to see Fedora!!

GL E Lunch Cafe Boncerto (Lovely)GL E Traf. Sq. BeatlesWhen we arrived at Trafalgar Square, we discovered it was St George’s Day and a great feast of St George and festivities relating to that were taking place in the square. We listened to some music, and then went to a little spot for lunch called Caffe Concerto on your left, which was delightful.  Beatles performing above!!!

Went on then to Buckingham Palace (pic at top) where we walked the Royal Mile and watched the excitement as the city is preparing for the London marathon tomorrow. The Queen had been at the Australian memorial today to lay a wreath. (Anzac Day is a National Day of Remembrance for both Australia and New Zealand; Australian, Turkish and New Zealand authorities are planning a big ceremony for the 100th anniversary of Anzac Day. It will be celebrating in Gallipoli-Turkey during the day of 25th of April, 2015. It is very important because there will not be another 100th anniversary. Newfoundland Involvement) When we reached the palace we noticed her royal ensign was flying which means she is “at home”. Then Glenda GL E 2015-04-25 Glenda I Saw the Queenwent up to the roped off area near the main entrance and who should she see but her Majesty and Prince Philip pass by almost within arm’s reach of where she was standing. Glenda is so little she can fit in places the rest of us cannot! She came back to tell us all about it and I have a pic of her excited face! Then the flag was changed at the top of the palace back to the Union Jack.

GL E Dining Treats Harrods 2015 04 25GL E Inside HarrodsFrom there we went to the famous Harrods for a look around and I actually bought something so that I could carry a Harrod’s bag over my arm, status symbol, I’m told. What a fabulous store!

Then we went back to the Holiday Inn to collect our baggage and hopped on the tube again and jockeyed for a seat or a pole to grasp as the cars were full. Finally reached our destination for today at the Hilton near the airport. Dragging baggage around is not fun but the experiences we have had today were worth all the weariness now. Time for dinner and then BED!!!   Night all. Glenna

Once again, a Big Thank You to Glenna and Myrna!!  Linda also sent along a couple of pix!  To-day ends phase one of the Norwich Open Event.  Tomorrow the entire Group take the bus from Heathrow to Norwich.   Stan 2015 04 25 15:30

Jim Allen sent pic from Norwich 2015This pic sent along by Jim  and Beth Allen.

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