We Look Back One Year to the Day!! Remember Norwich? Articles by Glenna Earle and Muriel Burnett. Posted on 2016-04-26!!

Muriel Burnett; Sunday Report from Norwich, England.  All Have Arrived.

M&M 26th 1 Lesley & Peter DavisToday at 5:29 PM in Norwich.  Tonight we had a warm welcome from Peter and Leslie Davis to the beautiful city of Norwich.  We were all given an information pack that has maps, eating places, as well a little history about the city.

We heard a little about Nurse Edith Louise Cavell,  (go here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edith_Cavell) and how her remains were brought to Norwich Cathedral.  Tonight while walking, we found her monument.  Today was also a special day for Peter, as he was celebrating his birthday.
M&M 26th 2M&M 26th 3As always Jim and Beth, supported everyone with all their help and friendships.  Dessert choices were Warm Orange Cake, or a chocolate fudge dessert.

M&M 26th 4 Salmon Dinner M&M 26th 4th DinnerSalmon with dill sauce was a delicious choice. Some preferred the pork roast with roasted apples.


M&M 26th Dinner or M&G M&M 26th Dinner or MeetNgreet M&M 26th M&Greet or Dinner

Tomorrow is another day, in which they have a fun day bus tour planned for us, as well as a boat trip on Tuesday morning.   Thank you to Peter and Leslie, as well as Jim and Beth for arranging this for us. Off to bed, to rest and enjoy tomorrow!  Muriel Burnett

Thank You so Very Much Muriel.  Do continue to have a great trip!    To access this article and all others relative to the Norwich Open, enter the word Norwich into the search rectangle and hit search.  I will be adding these pix to the slide show: http://photopeach.com/album/d59cv6   Stan McCormack.  2015 04 26 19:25

Glenna Earle Sunday Report; Norwich Open. Coach Arrives at Norwich; Dinner Has Been Served!

Glenna 26th 1Hi Stan: Click on “message” above.  Think we are all too pooped to do anything today.  We sat in Heathrow airport until about 10:30 until the last of the shufflers arrived.

Glenna 26th Boarding Roy N.At approximately 10:45 we boarded the coach for Norwich.  In the foreground of pic on left, waiting to board is most experienced traveler, most experienced shuffler, Roy Norman.  Today is quite a bit cooler than we have been experiencing, but by late afternoon the sun was shining and it was beautiful.

Glenna 26th Maids Hd ArrivalArrived at the spectacular Maid’s Head hotel and were all assigned rooms. They are in the midst of renovations and some of the rooms are finished while others are still in progress. Our room is much like the pictures Muriel sent. Very nicely done and a great view out the window.

Glenna 26th Peter addresses groupThe rest of the afternoon we got settled and unpacked. By 5PM we all reassembled in the Minstrel Room for a very nice dinner. We were addressed by Peter & Lesley regarding what we could expect for the week ahead. It is going to be a very busy one, beginning with a tour all day tomorrow, a boat ride Tuesday and then the tournament will begin Wednesday. It is evident that our hosts have been working tirelessly to put this all together. It was Peter’s birthday and we presented him with a card signed by all of us and sang a rousing Happy Birthday to him.

Glenna 26th From BC Potters, George & MelodyGlenna 26th Marshmans, Doris Hanke and Lesley Davis hostessBeth Allen introduced two travelers from BC; the Potters, George and Melody.  Our hostess, Lesley Davis, in dark, speaks with Linda and Bob Marshman and Doris Hanke.  (Click on pix to expand)

We have not yet seen too much of the city but it looked very interesting as we passed along the streets on our way to the hotel. Expect to have a bit of time to explore on Tues. Have only a few pics to send this time. Will try to do better tomorrow!  Glenna

Stan Speaks: Glenna: You did a fine job!!  Many thanks.  Readers look forward to Tomorrows Tour.  Stan McCormack, 2014 04 26 18:40  All pix, by Glenna, Myrna, Muriel, and any other pix related to the event can be found here:  http://photopeach.com/album/rjcnfd 

Another article by Muriel BurnettMuriel Burnett Reports!!

Stan writing in Calabogie, ON on 2016 04 26.  Do hope you enjoy!!

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