BREAKING NEWS!! Germany V England Shuffleboarders contest to be held in Wymondham beginning May 5th, 2016.

A Wymondham Shufflers sessionIn terms of sporting rivalries England versus Germany is up their on the list of grudge matches on the football field with World Cup triumphs and penalty shoot-outs dominating headlines.  And now the two countries are set to battle it out in Wymondham over the lesser known sport of shuffleboard

Next month the UK Shuffleboard Association is for the first time hosting the German Shuffleboard Association following support from South Norfolk Council.

The competition between the two associations will take place during the days of Friday, May 6 and Saturday, May 7 at Wymondham’s Central Hall with people welcome to watch the two nations and players from the market town push discs towards the scoring zone with their cues.

The sporting contest comes after South Norfolk Council provided a grant of £3,700 to the Wymondham Shufflers group.   The grant has helped the club and its 39 members continue their sessions and helped the facilitation of the German visit.

Martin Wanger, club secretary, said: “The grant that we received from South Norfolk Council helped us continue to meet every other Friday.

“This is the first time any of our visitors have travelled to our part of the world.

“There are 12 players and five others coming and they are staying in town and visiting the local pubs and restaurants so the locals may hear some German accents.

“We are far less experienced than our opponents who have already played in numerous World Championships, but we’ll do our best.”

District councillor Peter Broome, who made the grant from his neighbourhood chair community action fund, said: “This is very exciting and I’m delighted that I was able to support this local club which provides such a fun and sociable activity that is open to all.

“I am looking forward to a great competition between the two shuffleboard associations, I just hope it doesn’t go to penalties.”

The competition will run from 8.30am and 5pm on both days.

Article sent along by Bob Weber with THANKS!!!!  Stan 2016 04 29.

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