Positive Vibes From “Realize Bradenton”; Positive Vibes For Shuffleboard.

Remember the Press Coverage of the Millennial Event held at Bradenton Shuffleboard Facility early in April (2016)?  The Shuffler gave extensive coverage to the event!!  Dave Kudro, 1st VP of the FSA, has to-day, sent along an exciting, well done video, which is truly The Icing On The Cake to the Realize Bradenton Event!!!   I have added the link to the video near the end of the article. 

Realize Bradenton Executive Director Johnette Isham spent a part of the evening weaving her way through the crowd of shufflers and spectators.  “How amazing to bring together young people, 18-35, with our mature and experienced shuffleboard players of the Bradenton Shuffleboard Club,” she said. “This is truly an inter-generational popup event to showcase one of Bradenton’s hidden assets — the Shuffleboard Park right off of 14th Street.”  Isham has played shuffleboard before. “No,” she said when asked if she’s good at the game. “But you know what? What’s great about shuffleboard is you can be really competitive, and you can just have fun.”

dave kudro from fsa pagDave Kudro, a member of the Bradenton Shuffleboard Club, said he was there Friday evening to help new shufflers and to show them the enjoyment of the game. “It’s a little competitive, but it’s a lot of fun,” he said. “And I think we need something like this in Bradenton for the younger crowd.”

100 C. Pr.  Ron NurnbergerRon Nurnberger,  SWCD President said this: Food, music (DJ), beer and strobe lighting made this a Shuffleboard event to remember!!

And now the link to the video sent along by Dave!!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3N5rkKg5Scw

You may also wish to read this:  https://theshuffler.net/2016/03/28/manatee-millennials-look-for-feedback-in-shaping-countys-future/

Thanks Dave!! As you pointed out in your e-mail, the video conveys a message and although it may not resonate with everyone, it gives us more possibilities, more ideas, to promote the game each of us enjoys so much!!    Many thanks to those who produced the video.   Stan McCormack.  2016 04 29.


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1 Response to Positive Vibes From “Realize Bradenton”; Positive Vibes For Shuffleboard.

  1. Stan thank you so much for covering the event. I work for Realize Bradenton and helped organize the April 1st event. The Bradenton Shuffleboard Club and everyone I met from the Southwest Coast District has been very helpful ad supportive. Thank you! I am so happy to be connected to such a friendly group of people and look forward to the possibility of more shuffling happening in downtown Bradenton. Onward!


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