We Look Back One Year to the Day!! Remember Norwich? Articles by Glenna Earle, Muriel Burnett! Posted on 2016-04-30 Posted on 2016-04-30

Norwich Open;

30th Beth 30th BETH 2

Jim and Beth Speak:  Our waitress at the Maids Head was off work and at the local pub.  We came in and she says……. Did you see the local evening news?  Your group is in the paper!      She then runs to the newsstand and gets us a copy!  Jim and Beth

Clar & Glenda BrakeStan Speaks!!  Great Newspaper coverage!!  See the headline, top right: “World’s Top Shuffleboard Players in action”  That young lady shooting placed in the Prestigious FSA (Florida Shuffleboard Assn.) MASTERS, held this month!!  And, she just may be sporting her White Jacket when not shuffling; the jacket is symbolic of making the FLORIDA SHUFFLEBOARD MASTERS!!  I am inserting a pic, not of her receiving the White Jacket, but rather one of her and her husband  Clar celebrating her placement in this annual classic event. That would be Clar Brake, and the “woman” shooting is of course Glenda Brake.

30th J&B Couple heard Royal PalmsBack to Jim Allen:  This couple lives in Norwich, but they heard about shuffleboard by visiting the Royal Palms in Brooklyn.  They heard on the radio about the event and came over to play!  Media pays!  Jim (Allen)  If you wish to read about the Royal Palms in Brooklyn (New York), enter the words Royal Palms into the search rectangle and hit search!!

Tomorrow, Friday, May 1st is the BIG DAY.  Do come back and share the JOY!!

Norwich Open On Site Reporting by the Earles! David and Glenna

30th Working TeamHi Stan: Since David is pretty busy with trying to keep this tournament moving I will try to explain to you how this one is working. Our Working Team Above: That is David (Earle) on your left; assisted by Bob (Marshman) center; and Rendall (Bilton) on your right!

David has gone to a great deal of trouble to ensure that the 48 of us, have been divided up into 6 groups of 8 people.  There are only 6 courts, so half the crowd is playing at one time. The rest of us are free to watch, go get lunch, walk awhile or whatever we wish, as we wait for our next round, which takes close to an hour.

The groups have been organized with 2 Brits, 2 Americans, and the rest Cdn on each group (team). We each play the other 7 in our group and at the end of the 2nd day, 2 with the most wins will be chosen from each group.
That makes 12 players and then David will randomly choose 4 more players to make up 16 for the last 1/4’s, semis, and finals, on the last day.  In some case there may be 3 players in a group who have won an equal number of games, and in that case all 3 would be asked to play the last day.


30th Team 330th Team 430th Team 530th Team 6

30th Team 230th Team 1We are just now finishing the 2nd half of the 6th round. (mid morning local time in Canada) In a few moments we will play the first half of the final 7th round and after the 2nd half have finished, the 16 players will be announced for the final day of play.

Stan speaks: I think now what I will do is JUMP AHEAD and name the 16 Players who will be competing in the final day > that being Friday, May 1st!!  Here is the list:

Glenna Earle, Linda McRae, Linda Marshman, Bill Bryan, Roger Garwood (Brit), Sylvia Smith, Maureen Bryan, Murray Burnett, Jim Allen, Chuck Crouse, Myrna Bilton, Doris Hanke, Grant McRae, Martin Wanger (Brit), Shirley Bryan, Lenore Holder.

On Friday, IF you win, you keep playing, IF you lose, your OUT!

As the colour in the para naming the 16 Players, (Colour denotes Nation) I would say A NICE BALANCE!!  Looking forward to tomorrow!!!

Team 1 -winner 1 plays Team 2 -winner 2.  Glenna

Glenna (Earle) has sent this information along.  I do hope I have done justice to the Good Work she has done.   Stan McCormack. 2015 04 30.

Norwich Open Day 2; We Continue Our On-Site Reporting!!

Muriel Burnett Reports:  After a hardy English Breakfast at the Maids Head Hotel we had a beautiful walk over to St Andrews Hall.  Below see the thatched roofs and cobblestone streets.

30th MM 3 30th MM 2 30th MM 530th MM 4

Beth 30th 79Beth Allen Sends Along:  Hi Stan:  This is shuffleboard’s friend Tom Rutter being interviewed by Anglia TV. He is 79 years old today and came with his family 300 miles from Durham to see this tournament. He loves to cruise and won’t book any ship that doesn’t have a shuffleboard court. His family surprised him with this 3 day trip and he is having a great time meeting everyone and we are enjoying him!  He has “had a go” many times on the mini courts and had a chance to try the regulation boards.

Thanks to Beth! Thanks to Muriel!  Lots of Action to-day!!  Stan 2015 04 30.

Norwich Open; A Posting to Express Thanks, And Reflect!! 2015 04 30


I thought it an appropriate time to thank the 4 Ladies who have been graciously forwarding to us, the interesting aspects of the Norwich Open. From left to right we have Muriel Burnett, Myrna Bilton, Glenna Earle and Joyce Smith.  Thank You Each!!

Pause for a moment and consider the background of this photo as well.  St Andrews Hall, a more historical and wonderful setting, one could not imagine.

Stan McCormack.  2015 04 30.

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