We Give You Some of the Players of the 35th ISA World Championship to be held in St Cloud, FL during the last week of Oct, 2016

EM ISA Logo 300dpiI give you a link to the original posting announcing the 35th ISA World Championship Event at St Cloud, FL https://theshuffler.net/2016/01/11/35th-isa-will-take-place-here-check-out-this-video/

The USA NSA National Teams have been chosen to compete in the 35th ISA World Team Championship to be held the last week of October in St. Cloud, Florida.  Click to review the Selections: USA NSA Players for 35th ISA Tournament 


Canada East Women                                       Canada East Men

Myrna Bilton – Captain                                        Rendall Bilton – Captain non playing

Marlene Corbeil                                                    Murray Burnett

Muriel Burnett                                                      Jim Corbeil

Bernice Lindsay                                                    William McElrea

Louise McElrea                                                     Roy Babcock

Maureen Bryan                                                     Bill Bryan

XXXXXX                                                               Don Breau

Canada West Women                                    Canada West Men

 Marlene Cowling – Captain                                 Earl Doell – Captain

XXXXXX                                                                   Doug Cowling

Darlene Salls                                                            Norman Lindsay

Eileen Hildebrand                                                  Peter Hildebrand

Gina Bissillion                                                         Brian Bissillion

Carol Klem

These INTERNATIONAL EVENTS continue to be a great opportunity to inform World Class Shufflers about YOU, or one of the COMPANIES with whom YOU DO BUSINESS!! Click to see what I mean: https://theshuffler.net/2016/04/12/the-35th-isa-world-championship-is-not-far-off-act-now/ 

I will add the names of all other National Players as they are made available.

Stan McCormack.  2016 07 29


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