More on USA NSA NO8 in Lakeland, FL. Update by Earl Ball! 2016 05 02 21:30

F USA-NSA%20Logo5-Revised[1](1)  Lakeland FL hosts the  USA NSA NO8 Doubles Men and Women.  Jerry Deren will be taking pix and Earl Ball will be sending along a narrative report of the Event!!  “We Got You Covered!!”  The next USA NSA event takes place in Lakeside OH beginning July 18th.  This event will be Singles, Walking and Non Walking.  Stan

(2) INTERIM REPORT BY EARL BALL FROM Lakeland at 13:00 hrs: “We have a beautiful day in Lakeland.  30 men’s teams and 15 women’s teams.  The second bracket is a hornets nest. Paul Prescott and Jerry Stannard are in the bracket along with Gary McGaffey and Mike Seyfer as well as  Dean Myklejord and myself. The winner may very well come out of this bracket but it’s going to be hard for anybody to survive this hornets nest. We had a big upset, Robert Berube and George Leisure upset Jay Goldman and Chuck Busscher. 
All for now; Earl.  13:00 on 2016 05 02.

(3) End of Play, Monday, May 2nd:  Mike Seyfer and Gary McGaffey did indeed make it through the hornets nest!  They took out Paul Prescott and Jerry Stannard in two straight and after losing the 1st game to Dean Myklejord and Earl Ball, took them out too by winning the next two games.  Their opponents in the position round will be Al Dronsfield and Frank Cherill who took out Tom Feely and Frank Niziolek in a three game match.  Rosaire Cote and Walt Andrews cruised to the position round and will play Ron Nurnberger and Steve Barnett in the position round.  That’s four great teams.  I’m not certain but I don’t think any of these players have ever won a National Championship so someone is going to win the biggest small trophy in the game; the United States National Shuffleboard Pin.  You can only ever be awarded one and it means more than any other Trophy in Shuffleboard.

Joan Cook and Diana Morrison took out Marion Lohbusch and Sue McLaughlin in the position round in a hard fought three game match.  Arlene Guerrini and Mary Eldridge will take on Helen Biaggi and Joan Buck in the other position round in the morning.  I believe only Joan Buck and maybe Helen Biaggi haven’t won their National Pin.  I know Joan Cook has won six National Championships and would guess Diana Morrison and Mary Eldridge have won several each.

Earl Ball, Your On Site Reporter!!!  ((Thanks so very much Earl)) 2016 05 02 21:45

Jerry Deren is going to try and get us some pix tomorrow!!!

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One Response to More on USA NSA NO8 in Lakeland, FL. Update by Earl Ball! 2016 05 02 21:30

  1. Nancy Sclafani says:

    I believe that Joan Buck and Helen Biaggi won this event last year, so both have a National pin.


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