We Conclude our Look Back to the Norwich Open! A Truly Wonderful Article by Glenna Earle!!

Norwich Open: Windup Comments by Glenna Earle!! 2015 05 02

Glenna Earle as Di AmGlenna Earle Speaks:  Hard to believe that a banquet could serve such wonderful food but they did. Usually these kinds of dinners are less than average but at our table everyone was happy and there were 10 of us. (Windup banquet held 2015 05 01 in the Maids Head Hotel) (Stan speaks: Be sure and click on pic of Glenna!! I want you to be able to read the words on her Cap!!)

It was great to see how much the Brits have loosened up and become so friendly and happy to have got involved with this shuffling event. Some of them were so apprehensive at the beginning they were almost overwhelmed. But by the end of the week everyone was hugging and teasing one another about how they were playing.
One man, Martin, spoke to all of us just before we broke up for the evening and commented on how much he enjoyed all of us coming over to play this game with them and the camaraderie amongst us. He was glad to feel a part of the whole excitement and thought this sport should be available everywhere. If he had his way there would be shuffleboard in every town. Go Martin! We are with him on that!

REPORTERS 4, NORWICH 2015At the Dinner, they gave each of us reporters special mention at the dinner last night and presented each of is with a nice tea towel with lots of British expressions on it.

The english were so warm. One of our servers in the dining room at the hotel took us under her wing.  She said she has had so much fun with us that she felt she was a part of the group.  She even came over to watch one day after her work day finished, and then the night of our banquet was her anniversary.  She and her husband were going to have a special dinner at the hotel so she brought her other half up to meet some of us.  Her name is Sharon and we loved her to death. She was so good to us. “Just another aside to the Shuffling Experience!!”

CA David & Glenna send9 Linda & Bob MaarshmanDavid and Glenna, and Bob and Linda are now in Ireland:  “We arrived in Dublin this afternoon to a lovely rain. We caught a bus (Air Route) and were delivered  to a corner just up from our hotel called the Jury’s Inn. They told us there is a bus strike so there was only this one line operating today or a cab.
Did not stop to take any photos, yet.
Our room is very nice and the staff extremely helpful. Bob & Linda are along with the 2 of us; will spend the next few days exploring this area.  We fly home Thurs.
Glenna.” (Earle)

Stan speaking in 2016 05 01: A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL WHO CONTRIBUTED, BOTH THOSE WHO WERE ON SITE ORGANIZING AND THOSE WHO SUBMITTED THE NARRATIVES!!    LIFE IS GOOD WHEN SHUFFLEBOARD IS GOOD!!    And please remember, the German Shuffleboard Contingent arrives in Wymondham  on Thursday, May 5th, 2016 to engage in an equally interesting event!!  We are anticipating reports from Birgitt Hussmann, and just possibly from the UK Organizers!!   Stan McCormack.   2016 05 02.

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