We Give You Day 2 of the UK (United Kingdom) DE (German) Shuffleboard Meet!!

The UK Hosts the German Shufflers

The UK Hosts the German Shufflers

UKSA v TEAM GERMANY – DAY 2 Sat 7th May 

Day 2 of this international meeting began promptly on another super early summer morning in Wymondham with the conclusion of the first round robin group of matches. The German domination over their less experienced hosts continued but the Brits were learning fast what competitive shuffleboard was all about. There were notable wins on the final day for Bob Smith, Cathy Seaman, Sandy Harding and Pete Davis. The next phase was a shorter round robin ending in a final win for Germany by 84pts to 24.  

The entire UK team were in agreement that the German squad were a credit to both their country and to the sport of shuffleboard. They were magnanimous in victory and gracious in the occasional defeat, but, above all, were just great fun to be around. The encouragement and advice that were offered will ensure that the Brits return as better, more knowledgeable players in next years European Championships. Dieter Hussmann’s organization of the match schedule also demonstrated how you make an event like this run so smoothly. 

The visit concluded on Saturday evening with a dinner for over 30 people in one of Wymondham’s plusher restaurants followed by a quick dash to the pub. It was a wonderful evening with lots of laughter, a few party tricks, and friendships that will last for many years thanks to this great sport that we all enjoy so much. The visitors were wished a safe trip home secure in the knowledge that shuffleboard had taken another significant step forward in Europe.  

Sent along by Peter Davis with THANKS!!  2016 05 08 07:06 (Eastern Time)

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5 Responses to We Give You Day 2 of the UK (United Kingdom) DE (German) Shuffleboard Meet!!

  1. Well done Dieter and Peter. Hope to see this kind of participation at the upcoming ISA World Championship. No better opportunity exists for you to show your newly aquired shuffleboard skills to the world.


  2. Earl Ball says:

    I don’t know all of you but I do wish each and every one of you the very best shuffleboard luck. This is the way to build shuffleboard for everyone.


  3. Jim and Beth says:

    What a giant step forward for shuffleboard in Europe! Its nice to read about the success on the courts, but maybe even a bit nicer to read about the friendships and the relationships made off the courts. Congrats to everyone involved – the UK team as well as the German team!


  4. Myrna Bilton says:

    CONGRATULATIONS to the UKSA and the GSA.
    The smiling faces tell the story that everyone had fun. Making new friends playing the sport we all love, sums up a successful event. More wonderful memories have been made.
    Rendall and Myrna


  5. Congratulations to the Uk Team and German team I feel like I know each one you from the ISA in St Cloud I know that you left with wonderful memories . Thanks
    Tom G.


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