2016 Summer Shuffling in Arizona by Dale and Sheila Monday!! Please Share Your Summer Shuffling Experience!!

IMG_3856 Dale & Sheila MondayThe Palm Gardens Shuffleboard Club began it’s third season of summer indoor shuffleboard.  The club’s summer leaders (Sid Barone, Dean Haske, Bob Mason, Doug Kurash, USA NSA Secretary Sheila Monday, and ASA District I President Dale Monday) started the indoor shuffleboard program in the park three years ago to beat the 110 degree “Dog Days of Summer”.  The program continues to grow and now has over 40 shufflers.  This is great since there are only about 125 people residing in the park during the summer months. 

Unfortunately, due to limited space in the recreation hall, only three rollout courts can be used.  The club plays three times a week and averages 18 shufflers per time.    Since only 12 can play at one time, we play two or three 8 frame games and those shufflers not playing socialize and cheer for those shuffling.  As in past years, once a month the club will hold a “Fun Night” where games like Horse Collar, Turkey Shoot, Shoulder-to-shoulder are played.  Food, drinks and dessert are served and awards and door prizes given away.  On these occasions the club opens it to all Palm Gardens residents and  there may be anywhere from 40 to 50 participants. As in the past, these are great times to socialize and have a very enjoyable and fun evening. 
Sent along by Dale and Sheila Monday with THANKS!
Please tell us About  Your Summer Shuffling!!  Our readers would “luv” to hear your story!!! Stan McCormack.  Send story to mailto:Stanistheman_200@yahoo.com   2016 05 10.
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