Glen Peltier Reflects on the Many Friends He Has Made Shuffling!! Glen Peltier will be Competing in the CNSA National at Woodstock!!

J Glen Peltier Jacket pic


It would be very difficult to find a SHUFFLER who had not heard of Glen Peltier!!

Glen’s primary objective, at least as I understand, is to promote Shuffleboard, the activity to which he has devoted his life!!  Glen will be partnering with Jim Corbeil at Cowan Park beginning June 1st in the CNSA National Open any Doubles.  While the two deeply devoted, deeply dedicated shufflers may not have placed in the money in 2015, do not count them out in 2016!!  All shufflers would agree that their efforts Off the Courts have set an example for others to follow!!

 Glen Peltier was the 2nd President of the CNSA.  He followed Jack House and preceded Frank Willson, serving from 1985 to 1987. 

Glen was President of the Club on the Marchand farm for 2 years.  When the Marchand Club closed, Glen became the very first President of the Thames Horizon Shuffleboard Club in Chatham, ON.  He was instrumental in gaining the grant money for the Club, so badly needed, and so effectively put to use.    

Glen was very active in the Thames Horizon Shuffleboard Club of Chatham, ON.  Among other things he provided lessons to all who wished to participate; an activity that resulted in the Chatham Club picking up new members on a regular and frequent basis. 

Glen’s lessons ran about 45 minutes and he followed this by pairing his students and coached them while they played. At the end of the season he organized a “fun tournament” and gave every player a trophy. 

Glen carried on this activity each year until he left Chatham.  He returned in the 90s and again provided lessons. The membership grew to about 150 members and Glen was responsible for much of that growth.  He was a great asset to the Thames Horizon Shuffleboard Club. 

As an example of what Jim Corbeil has done, click:

AS an example of what Glen has done in the way of supporting and writing about Shuffleboard, I have put together several article by Glen. Do ENJOY!!

A2 MORE FROM PRESIDENT ELECT  and another  A3 WHAT REALLY HAPPENED IN THE 1990 MASTERS  and another  A4 B HAPPY VALENTINES DAY  and another  AAA 5 Best Team of Doubles and another AAA 5 GP Jones & Bones  and another  BIRON & HOLLOWAY  and another  Disquieting News from FSA President  and another  FINAL OBSERVATIONS FROM GLEN PELTIER  and another Glen Peltier offers these personal observations on Hall of Famers Dick Whitaker and Russ Dehart  and another GP Glen Peltier 1995  and another KEN WORDEN WAS A GREAT SHUFFLER and another  Mae Hall finished with 2224 points  and another  My Most Memorable Game Ever  and another  ZZ The Great Hans Streib  and another  zzz NEW FROM GLEN 2010 fEB 22

Glen Peltier Green JacketThe Green Jacket denotes 1,000 (FSA) Points.  Only two Florida Shufflers have earned the Green Jacket, Glen Peltier and Joan Cook.  Regular readers know that I could “fill a book” with regard to the Shuffleboard Accomplishments of Glenn and Joan > but it is not indicated, at least at this time.

Stan McCormack. 2016 05 12.


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