We Give You A Video, A Very Good Video, of the German – UK Shuffleboard Event!! Sent along by Dieter Hussmann.

EM ISA Logo 300dpiWe Give You a TV Clip from of the UK GERMAN Shuffleboard Event of 2016. 

Dieter added this message:Thanks to Peter Davis and his team. They were wonderful hosts.” 

This video is an integral part of a local TV Show, the MUSTARD SHOW.  I want to thank Dieter Hussmann, German Shuffleboard President, for sending it along.  I will give you a link.  When the link opens, click on the arrow which starts PART One.  The Shuffleboard part of the show begins at about the 3 minute mark.    Don’t worry if that confuses you; the alternative is to wait 3 minutes for the shuffleboard to begin.  Here is the link:  http://www.mustardtv.co.uk/episode/the-mustard-show-520/

Do Enjoy AND Congratulations to all involved!!   Stan McCormack. 2016 05 13.

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3 Responses to We Give You A Video, A Very Good Video, of the German – UK Shuffleboard Event!! Sent along by Dieter Hussmann.

  1. Jim Allen says:

    What a great promotional video for shuffleboard! Well done to every one involved to make this event such an awesome success!


  2. Glenna Earle says:

    What a wonderful event for both countries and so well covered by the press! It looks like an excellent venue and everyone appears to be enjoying friendly competition. Well done England and Germany. Great promotion for shuffleboard! Hopefully you have stimulated interest & intrigue in folks who are seeing this video.


  3. Well done indeed. This is what its all about. If we are to continue elevating this Sport and leave it for future generations to enjoy, we need promotions like this to be done by our international membership all around the world. Cudos to England and Germany.


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