Competing in Woodstock, ON will be the Team of Bilton and Babcock!!

1st OPEN CH. Roy Babcock & Myrna BiltonThe CNSA National Tournament being held at the Cowan Park in Woodstock, Ontario will have some great competition!!   We’re going to give you some highlights of some of the competitors!!

Winning first place in the CNSA Open in 2015 was Myrna Bilton and Roy Babcock.  Pic at top is of President Strong presenting the prize money and congratulating them. Myrna and Roy are no strangers to CNSA National Events.  In Coldwater in 2012 at the National Event, Roy and Myrna surprised us all when they “sent the team of Strong and Ball “home early”!!   Myrna made the Roll of Champions for the FSA Season 2015-2015, clearly a IMG_0318 W Bronze 2014-15positive indicator of her ability and determination!!  (see Roll of Champion pic at right!)

IMG_0303 Myrna & GaryMyrna served one term  as the CNSA President.  She was inducted into the CNSA HOF at Goderich, ON during our 4th Inter Provincial Tournament.    Myrna was inducted into the ISA HOF in Clearwater during the 33rd ISA; she also serves as the First VP of the ISA.

Perhaps Myrna’s attitude toward Shuffleboard  is demonstrated by this statement: I have been blessed with wonderful friends who have supported and joined me on my “SHUFFLEBOARD JOURNEY”. My heart is full of love and gratitude for all of you.”

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARoy Babcock  placed 3rd in the 2013 32nd ISA held in St Petersburg, FL.  One thing Roy does well, is come through when the going is tough!!  Roy is a serving member on the CNSA Board.  Pic is of winners of the 32nd ISA in St Petersburg.  Click to expand.

Stan McCormack.  2016 05 14.



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One Response to Competing in Woodstock, ON will be the Team of Bilton and Babcock!!

  1. Myrna Bilton says:

    A sincere “Thanks” for the Memories Stan.
    Thank you for being part of my “Shuffleboard Journey”.


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