Summer Season Look Back to June of 2006!! Article 10. A Variety!!


It is possible that some followers will have read the articles I will post in this series.  However; as most were posted when Alf Primeau and I had the Website, and as I now have 329 “friends” on Facebook which we did not have at that time, I do hope that both “new” followers and the “not so new” followers will enjoy the articles.  I will avoid some of the more controversial articles.    During this period, Earl Ball, Wilbur Estes, Larry Brown and Sandy Quinn were frequent writers.  DO HOPE YOU ENJOY!!  Stan

PULSIFER & ELGERSMA WIN DISTRICT TOURNAMENT BY AN EYELASH!!Bruce_PulsiferOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABruce Pulsifer of Betmar and Mel Elgersma of Lakeland won the St Cloud District Shuffleboard Tournament by the narrowest of margins.  Holding a two point lead in the last frame with his opponent, Jerry Stannard of Winter Haven teamed with Max Tate of Pioneer Creek, having the hammer and a block on the 8-10 line, he decided to hide an eight behind the block but slid into the seven making his lead nine points and giving his opponent a chance at the win by holding a 10 on the backstop but the shot rolled on the 8-10 line by an eyelash and the Pulsifer/Elgersma team had the Championship!

Earl Ball of THE SHUFFFLER  2006 11 12


 Mary ChristensonRuth Brown Ruthie Brown, Pioneer Creek, and Mary Christensen, Betmar, teamed up and went out and took on all the big girls at Bradenton.  They won the final, two games to one and in their words “almost let it get away”.  But Ruthie slid her opponent into the kitchen and rolled over behind a hide, following up by scoring her hammer, putting Mary in position to win and win she did by taking her opponents 8 off and holing her own 8 for victory and the Championship!! Jim Bailey and Jim Miller of Bradenton won the men’s Championship but I have no details. Submitted by Earl Ball Of THE SHUFFLER 2006 11 14. 


18-earl-ball (2)Earl speaks in 2006:  I attended a tournament at the Clearwater Shuffleboard Club this week and learned that they had, just the Saturday before, held an open Shuffleboard demonstration for all who wanted to attend.  Over 100 people showed up and Glen Peltier put on the demonstration. 

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGlen P. face only Geoff Bell, the President of the club, told me that they advertise by word of mouth by existing Club members who come from all over Pinellas County.  Glen will run classes for six weeks beginning in January which is expected to generate 30 to 40 new members for the club.  Club Membership is $45 a year. 

At the end of the classes Glen invites all to enter a tournament and tells them they probably won’t do well but they’ll have fun.  Geoff tells me the program generates several tournament shufflers each season and they are beginning to see some of them move up to State Am at this time.  What a great way to promote and grow the game!!  EARL BALL; THE SHUFFLER 2006 12 21. 

THIS FROM SKIP BLUM!! Hendersonville, NC  in 2006!!

Skip BlumGreetings!!  For years a couple of us have been trying to take the advantage away from the shuffler who has the favorable color for the third game on the shuffleboard court.  Today in Hendersonville, NC, four of us were

Playing for 1st and 2nd place in the main men’s event.  We got our heads together and decided to make the third game a frame game, eight on each color.

After the first eight frames, yellow was ahead 86 to 34.  At the end of the game black won by 8 points.  All four of us had this fun on court no 5; a court that definitely favors the black and is a well known “black court“.  After looking into the Florida rules book we found that this third game, frame game option is permitted.  Isn’t it about time to

Focus on skill and eliminate the advantage some courts offer?  We would appreciate it if you would give some thought to this “fairness proposition” and perhaps send it on to your fellow shufflers.  Makes me kinda want to examine my whole life.

Good shuffling………. Skip Blum   2006 06 22.

Stan - 5 - Computer DeskStan’s Note: Not to detract from the sincerity and “good sense” of Skip, I could not help buy post an article I crafted in about 2002-2003 (before I kept accurate date records).  TITLE: “IMPROVE THE GAME OF SHUFFLEBOARD! A PROPOSAL: Whenever we are playing “frame games” AND whenever a third game is necessary, that 3rd game will be played one half of the frames on yellow and the remaining one half of the frames on black. (Such a format also negates the requirement to lag for color).

REASONS: Let’s begin by thinking of what shuffling is!!  Is it not a game of SKILL & ABILITY??  If we accept this premise, it follows that the “rules” should allow and ensure a fair and reasonable opportunity to demonstrate said skills and abilities.  Up to the 3rd game, each side has had an opportunity to perform with each color and on each side of the court ~~ for a very good reason ~~ each side of the court responds differently!!  If we accept this logic and by extension, carry it to the third game, it seems entirely appropriate and correct to “change color” at the half-way point of the deciding (third) game.  Stan McCormack of THE SHUFFLER: 2006 06 22.

Article put together by Stan on 2016 05 15.  Hope you ENJOY!!

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