The 35th ISA World Championship Is Not Far Off!! Act Now!!

The 35th ISA Tournament  Booklet is Being Prepared!!  Take Action Now!!

Sexy St Cloud Woman InviteThis is your opportunity to convey your message to Shufflers around the World while at the same time supporting the Game we love!!

Once again the host of the 35th ISA, the St Cloud Shuffleboard Club, will be publishing a BOOKLET, a booklet in which you may leave your message, a BOOKLET which will be distributed to the competitors attending the 35th ISA this October!

This is a fine opportunity to promote your CLUB; this is a fine opportunity for you to approach businesses with whom you or your Club deal with and give them the same opportunity!!

See the pricing guide below and send along your ad to Jim Allen at


701 Ohio Avenue, Saint Cloud, FL 34769





A golden opportunity to advertise your company’s message around the world!

FULL PAGE ( 8 ½ “ X 11”)……………………..$175.00 

HALF PAGE (5 ½” X 81/2”) ……………………$100.00 

QUARTER PAGE (5 ½” X 4 ½”) ……………….$ 75.00 

BUSINESS CARD (3 ½” X 2”) ……………………$25.00 ea. 

This is your special invitation to actively continue the support of the game of Shuffleboard by buying an ad in this year’s ISA 35th Tournament in St. Cloud, Florida. 

The game of shuffleboard is not for “old people” anymore and is being played by younger and younger people around the world every day. The International Shuffleboard Tournaments bring together players from all corners of the globe to compete in a weeklong event that brings out the best of the best. Our goal in producing this booklet is to highlight those players and the people behind the scenes who work year round to share the love of the game. Shuffleboard games encourage the potential for people of all ages and physical conditions to participate in an activity that is challenging and fun for Logo 35th ISA St Cloudmany of its participants. 

Please join us in fostering and supporting those who believe you’re never too young or too old to play and have fun. 

NOTE: This posting AND all postings pertaining to the 35th ISA can be retrieved (seen) at any time by inserting into the search rectangle: “35th ISA” and hit search.   

Talk to your Club President about giving your Club International Attention!!!


Jim Allen Speaks:  This ad would cost just $25!

Of course we will typeset any wording the individual would like to say, and if you have any artwork please send that along as well.

Even if you are not playing in the ISA event you can still be a part of it this way, and still welcome those shufflers from all over the world!    Have an idea: Discuss with Jim at:   

Stan Speaks: May I suggest you make a note with regard to the location of this file!!!  Even make a copy!!  Easiest way is to enter “35th ISA” into the search rectangle, and hit search!!  Even Better, DO IT NOW!!  Stan McCormack. 2016 05 15. 

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One Response to The 35th ISA World Championship Is Not Far Off!! Act Now!!

  1. President Michael says:

    Well done. Very Professional.



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