Not Only Are Americans Welcome; We Encourage Them to Come to Woodstock Ontario!!

Why We  Encourage Americans To Join With Us at the CNSA National in Beautiful Woodstock, Ontario!!

Ron and Brenda Dawson

Ron and Brenda Dawson

Cathy Mills

Cathy Mills

Jim Corbeil has advised that a minimum of 3 American Neighbours will be in Woodstock.  Ron and Brenda Dawson from MI are members of Winter Haven and Lakeland Shuffleboard clubs. Bruce Nemcosky from OH will also be coming and Bruce will shuffle with Cathy Mills.  Cathy, from London,  ON placed 1st in A12 US National Amateur Singles N/W Men’s and Women’s.  Note the  once in a life time National Pin on Cathy’s jacket. 

Brenda Dawson is the new secretary at Winter Haven and Ron is a director at Winter Haven. They are very enthusiastic shufflers and always put forth, always help when ever needed. Ron and Bruce one day took it upon themselves to clean the gutters at Winter Haven Shuffleboard courts.

Bruce is also a director at Winter Haven. Bruce also putts himself out when ever needed. He practises shuffling when ever he has a chance. He wants to be a great Shuffler. His wife Susan does not shuffle but supports him. She is also going to assist our treasurer Sharon Marquess with the treasurers job. It will make it easier on both of them as Sharon does not shuffle either. Susan is always bring goodies when we have a fun day at Winter Haven. She also helps where ever needed. We are fortunate to have these shufflers at Winter Haven Earl at podiumShuffleboard Club. These couples are both very good amateur shufflers and are working to become Pros.   Remarks by Jim Corbeil.  2016 05 15. 

And of course, don’t forget Mr. Ball!!!  He comes so often, we almost omitted him??   

And Now I Give Visiting Americans “General Information” > hopefully in a Humorous Fashion!!!

Let’s be honest;  Your dollar will go so much further when you cross the 49th parallel into Your Northern Neighbour !!  We truly appreciate your dollars and do hope you spend freely!!  lol

The first change you may notice is SPELLING of words > especially when they have a “u” near the end of the word!!  We like to think the “u” is needed >> but we don’t get excited when you omit same!!

09n-LoonieToonie_-_front[1]Money!!  Your dollar will get you about $1.25 Canadian; NOT ONLY as an additional bonus we have a one dollar coin which we call a “LOONIE”.  We got rid of our one and two dollar bill some years ago!!  Our two dollar coin we call a “TOONIE”!  AND, don’t worry about carrying a bunch of useless pennies??  We don’t use them!!!  Should mention that when you go to buy gas for your car, better understand that the price shown on the gas pump IS NOT FOR A US GALLON >> but rather it is for l liter!!  There is just over 3 of them in a gallon; don’t let that discourage you; heck you want to be able to say you bought gas “The Metric Way”!! 

Should tell you that we also use Metric when telling you how fast you can drive on our highways!!  If the sign says 50km > you will be OK at 30mph; if the sign says 80km, you will be OK at 50mph; and finally if the sign says 100km, shoot for about 60mph!!  You will find that the vast majority of Canucks exceed the 100km posted sign by 20 km!!   You should be “AOK” if you just stay in line with the traffic.

AS THE STORY GOES RE METRIC SYSTEM: The United States is one of only three countries,  along with Myanmar (Burma) and Liberia, that have not adopted the metric system as their official system of weights and measures.   Canada went metric in the 1970s.  The US Executive had agreed to go at the same time >> save and except, the Congress did not agree!!  I think you call that democracy!!!

cnsa-logo-new-by-gary-2013-09-10ENOUGH OF THE DIFFERENCES!!  Shuffleboard is ALMOST THE SAME!!  The minor differences will be adequately explained at the beginning of your  1st match by our competent TD, Marlene Corbeil!!  By the way, we are having a Banquet on the evening of June 1st!!  Hope you will be able to attend!!!  Tickets are $15.00 (and that is Canadian). To order send an e-mail to

Stan McCormack.  2016 05 16







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