Summer Season Look Back to June of 2006!! Article 11. Hope You Enjoy!!

The Original Shuffler Began in 2002

The Original Shuffler Began in 2002. That is NOT our current address!! LUV those CAPS!


It is possible that some followers will have read the articles I will post in this series.  However; as most were posted when Alf Primeau and I had the Website, and as I now have 329 “friends” on Facebook which we did not have at that time, I do hope that both “new” followers and the “not so new” followers will enjoy the articles.  I will avoid some of the more controversial articles.    During this period, Earl Ball, Wilbur Estes, Larry Brown and Sandy Quinn were frequent writers.  DO HOPE YOU ENJOY!!  Stan

I am now going to insert, in pdf format, 3 articles from 10 YEARS AGO!!  During this period, I did not always date the articles as I now do.  Accordingly the date may not appear in full, NOR will the reference pix be shown as indicated.

Before I insert the 3 articles, I give you a link to an article which takes us back to the launch of  The Shuffler in 2002!!!  That is correct shufflers, “we” have been doing this for 14 years!!!

And now to the 3 brief articles, all from 2006:  First an article about Former FL State TD, and former CNSA President, John Weston: AN UPDATE ON OUR PRESIDENT  2nd article from 2006: AVON PARK HOSTS A SUCCESSFUL EVENT 06 02 10  NEXT: Betty and Phillip Martin Will Be Missed!!

Put together from Archival Items by Stan McCormack.  2016 05 18


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