Summer Season Look Back to June of 2007!! Article 13.


The CNSA Doubles ended on June 28th.  The finish in the Expert Class could not have offered us any better example of shuffleboard skill!!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe should tell you that Rogers Cable TV out of Barrie, ON were present ~~ and their camera was rolling as Ed McGrath made his “do or die shot” to win the game and thus the match!!  He had “one on”, but needed the second shot to win! The board was cluttered to say the least but Ed was able to find that one spot and send a disc deep into the 7 slot on the extreme left side ~~ never an easy shot, but a “must do shot” made it that much more difficult.  Those watching ~~ all of us, cheered as the disc settled into the desired location.  (Peter Berg on the left; Max Tate, CNSA President, and on the right Ed McGrath.) One always says “We only remember who came 1st”! I have added the 2nd place team, Basil and Eileen Fick of the Renfrew, ON Club. Just this season (2016) the Ficks have given up Shuffleboard in favour of cards.  Health did not allow them to continue to shuffle.  ((Stan and Lois are both members of the Renfrew Club.))

We do hope that the audio of the TV Camera was not driven to saturation by our response ~~ we will know because Gary Pipher has made arrangements to acquire a DVD of the filming done by Rogers.  Not only were we able to promote the International Event ~~ Max was on camera for several minutes; but Rogers also did a special on the Induction of Austin and Winnie McDonald into the CNSA Hall of Fame.  That clip ran on the evening news on the evening of June 27th and those who saw it said it was terrific.  We will be doing a separate article on the McDonald Induction which will run in our CNSA page.  To read the official supporting remarks for Austin and Winnie McDonald: Austin & Winnifred McDonald CNSA HOF 2007 by Max Tate

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe would be remiss if we did not tell you that the Ficks, Basil and Eileen played an excellent 3 games and came within a whisker of winning!!  Eileen and Basil are shown receiving the 2nd place prize money from President Max Tate.  Just this season (2016) the Ficks have given up Shuffleboard in favour of cards.  Health did not allow them to continue to shuffle.  ((The Ficks, like Stan and Lois, are both members of the Renfrew Club.))   Italics added 2016 05 19.   

Knechtels Janet and Glenn Weinstocks Pat and Joe The Amateur event was equally exciting with Glenn and Janet Knechtel finishing in 1st, pic on far left and in 2nd place, Pat and Joe Weinstock, Joe has the beard!!

Congratulations to all who participated in this most successful event.


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