The Bryans, Maureen and Bill Will Be FIGHTING for First in the CNSA NATIONAL to be held at Woodstock June 1st, 2016

Z Bill and MaureenThis time we will let Team Members speak for themselves: Maureen Bryan: “I was born in a small town in ON.  Played competitive softball as a hobby growing up. Married and had three children & now have 6 grandchildren. Worked in nursing for 40 years; retired in 2007. Bought our FL home in 2003, in Fort Myers, Florida, and now spend our winters there. Have played shuffleboard for 9 yrs. Reached pro status in 2013. Have played in World’s in Germany in 2010.  Played in inaugural games in Sochi, Russia in 2010, and in Norway in 2013.  Played in Interprovincial games in Alberta in 2011, and in IP games in Dieppe, New Brunswick in 2013. ??????  I look forward to representing Canada in the

Top 10 Women 33rd ISA, click to expand.

Top 10 Women 33rd ISA, click to expand.

World singles in St. Petersburg, FL in Oct. 2013. Love meeting our shuffle friends from all over the world. It is a great sport. “

Maureen competed in the St Petes, 32nd ISA, and in Midland in the 33rd ISA, 2014.  Maureen placed 2nd in the 34th ISA, 2015 in Clearwater, see pic at left.  Maureen is 2nd from left, in red.

LOL: I am having trouble getting Bill to speak for himself?? EveryDay 1_122 DANCING (3) - Copy Corn R. Ends Bill Dances time I look something up (research) > I get a pic of him DANCING!! Pic of Bill in green shirt taken in Clearwater during the 34th (click on pic).  Anyone in Midland for the most recent ISA event, the 33rd in 2014, will remember the anxiety many felt as we observed (with delight) Bill step dancing like a Youngster, AND a youngster he is not!!!!  Pic of Bill in red shirt taken during the Corn Roast, Midland, 33rd ISA.  Bill is dancing with Australia’s Pauline Hoare who is incidentally, a professional dancer!!!!

You know what??? I am betting that Bill has played in just about every Tournament that Maureen has!!!  He is a strong and capable shuffler!!

Stan McCormack.  2016 05 20.

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